Cut: $1.4 million for transplants. Added: $1.8 million for for-profit charter schools

by David Safier

Cynic though I am, even I didn't believe it when my almost-namesake Sen. David Schapira said it at the AZ Dem Reorg meeting Saturday. But he told me where I could find the proof. And I found it.

Brewer has proposed $1.8 million be paid to for-profit charter schools out of the state budget. This from the Governor who could not find $1.4 million to fund life-saving transplants.

Most states don't allow for-profit charter schools. Arizona does. But federal charter school funds can't be given to for profit charters. That may include non-profit charter schools which use for-profit Charter Management Organizations (CMOs), though I'm not entirely sure about that.

Brewer thinks she should right the Feds' wrong. So this item is in her education budget:

$1.8 million for the for-profit charters that are not eligible for federal funds. The Executive also recognizes additional charters may not be eligible. Which charters cannot accept the funds, if any, is currently unclear.

Truism: A for-profit school is a school designed to make a profit. It makes a profit by taking in more than it spends. Every dollar it doesn't spend on its students is a dollar the owner puts in the bank. While we're cutting necessities from the budget right, left and center, Brewer wants to spend $1.8 million of taxpayer money to assure that the owners of for profit-schools can make a profit — or make a higher profit.

There's something at least a little obscene about a school designed to make a profit — especially a K-12 school. It's completely obscene when the profit comes from government funds. It's obscene-on-steroids when our budget-cutting Governor who criticizes the Feds for their spending decides the Feds aren't doing enough to boost profits of for-profit schools and decides to increase her proposed budget to make up the difference.

0 responses to “Cut: $1.4 million for transplants. Added: $1.8 million for for-profit charter schools

  1. David…I’m going to have to keep an eye on the good Senator:) His rising star would be a good thing!

  2. Governor Brewer also proposed 6 million dollars for historical societies in the FY 2012 budget. She wants to keep funding the Arizona Historical Society in the midst of a financial crisis because she assigned them the task of managing her new Governor Jan Brewer 5C Arizona Centennial Museum.

  3. Prup, by definition, charter schools cannot have religious affiliations. The opening Brewer is leaving may be for the non-profit charters which give a large chunk of change to for-profit CMOs to furnish curriculum, administration, etc.

    Cheri, I agree about Schapira, he’s a rising star. I saw part of his interview on Countdown.

  4. David, Sen Schapira was on Countdown w/ Keith Olberman last week…obviously BEFORE Friday:) Since I didn’t see the entire interview and just caught a snippet, try to dig that up, because he was saying some pretty scary stuff about what the Gov and this legislature have planned for the state of disarray that is AZ.Never saw the Senator before then…what an intelligent, well spoken guy.All I could think of at the time is, “Sure would be nice to have HIM be the Gov.”

  5. You missed another part, I’d guess. ‘The Executive also recognizes additional charters may not be eligible.’ These are not ‘for profit’ according to the previous. Now what type of school could possibly ‘not be eligible’ for federal funds?

    Anybody else answer ‘religious-based schools’ or ‘Christian Academies’?