Cutman: “Quick! To the Governor’s Office!”

by David Safier

Cutman is worried. He's just found out the Gov, not Cutman, will decide how much of the Stimulus money Arizona will accept and how it will be spent.

He's spurred into action when he hears one of his arch nemeses, Sen. Paula Aboud, say, "Thank God it's in the hands of the governor, not the Legislature." What does Aboud know? What power does she hold over the weak and wavering Brewer?

"This," Cutman says, "does present a problem." Pulling his anti-big government gadget out of his utility belt — a model of a helpless kitten being held over a bathtub — and arching his eyebrow, he readies himself to tell the Governor that taking money that requires a contribution from the state is "growing government."

Will Brewer see the danger in time? Will Cutman be able to save the state before it replaces funds for education, DES and health care?

Stay tuned to the continuing adventures of Cutman (and his sidekick from SaddleBrooke, Melvin).

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