Dear Mr. Trump: How does taking Children off Free and Reduced Lunch Make America Great Again?

Editorial Cartoon from David Granlund

Many stories have been written about the recent attack from the 2016  Popular Vote Loser Administration on the poor by making it harder for those in the lower classes to qualify for the SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program), commonly known as Food Stamps, program.

Fellow Blog For Arizona contributor AZ Blue Meanie released a piece on the subject on July 29, 2019. So did other outlets like the Arizona Mirror and Vox.

Editorial Cartoon from Steven Benson of the Arizona Mirror

The Administration rationale, according to these reputable news outlets, is the standard conservative urban myth. The Poor are “gaming the system” and looking for ways to get more benefits than they deserve.

With the occupants of this administration, one can say they are “looking at themselves in the mirror.”

If these proposed draconian changes go into effect as proposed, 30,000 people in Arizona can be adversely affected by this measure. Some of these people will be children.

A different article from the Talk Poverty division of the Center for American Progress forecasts that 500,000 children in this country may be kicked off free and reduced school lunches if these rule changes go into effect.

Dear Mr. Trump

Please tell the American People how children are gaming the welfare and food stamp system.

Tell the Nations citizens how does taking Children off Free and Reduced Lunch Make America Great Again?

Below are comments from 2020 Democratic Congressional Candidates, who, if victorious, will have a vote on what to appropriate for SNAP.

Suffice it to say, none of them are fans of the Administrations brutal proposals to hurt the countries most vulnerable.

Congressional District Five Democratic Candidate Joan Greene

Democratic Congressional Five Candidate Joan Greene

“What does the GOP care about?

Certainly not about our Country’s most vulnerable people.

Trump wants to make it harder for people to get benefits under SNAP.

The stricter rules could remove about 3.1 million people from the SNAP program nationally and 30,000 of the people will be our friends and neighbors in Arizona.

Some people may need this safety net program because they do not earn enough income from their jobs after all the bills are paid. This is why it is so important the $15 federal minimum wage be enacted. A higher wage will help provide financial security for our families and help them transition from the SNAP program to becoming self-reliant.

Since the current AZ-05 representative will be in favor of cutting this program to ‘save’ money, he must explain why he and only one other GOP voted nay for the bipartisan bill H.R. 5415/S. 2276 ‘Good Accounting Obligation in Government Act’ which was passed in the Senate and signed by Trump.

This bill stops the wasteful spending in federal agencies and brings about needed accountability. The bill also saves us at least $87 billion dollars which is plenty of money to fund SNAP.

A true leader extends their hand to our most vulnerable and helps lift them up. No one should be homeless or go hungry in a Nation that is as rich as ours.

While the current Congressman is busy taking away from our Community, as their interim Congresswoman I will be working on solutions to help the people from AZ-05 thrive.”

Congressional District Six Democratic Candidate Anita Malik

2020 Democratic Congressional Six Candidate Anita Malik

“Once again the President seeks to harm the most vulnerable amongst us. It is cruel and the numbers don’t add up. He plans to cut SNAP benefits for over 3 million Americans to save roughly $2.5 billion a year, but he offered trillions of dollars in tax cuts to the wealthiest and most profitable corporations, many of which paid zero in taxes.

Also, while the President expects a defense budget to the tune of $750 billion a year, over one million veterans rely on SNAP benefits, including some 16,000 brave men and women who actively serve our country overseas.

His priorities are clear. His priorities are not in the best interest of the American people.” 

Congressional District Six Democratic Candidate Stephanie Rimmer

2020 Democratic Congressional Six Candidate Stephanie Rimmer

“From having advocated for nutrition policy in schools and more nutritional school lunches, I do feel like this:

The President is balancing defense spending on the backs of hungry school children. The very families across America who supported his candidacy in 2016 are being underserved by his administration. Arizona’s Governor needs to speak up for our students to ensure when they return to the classrooms next week they will not do so on an empty stomach.”

Congressional District Six Democratic Candidate Dr. Hiral Tipirneni

2020 Democratic Congressional Six Candidate Dr. Hiral Tipirneni
“23,000 military families & 1.5 mill veterans are among those who will suffer from the deep cuts into the SNAP benefits program. This impacts families with young children who are vulnerable to health & development issues from dietary insufficiencies. These cuts reflect a harmful lack of priorities which will have lasting effects on millions of Americans. We must, and can, do better.”

“Arizona is one of the most federally funded states in the country. Many Arizona families and children rely on assistance to survive and to have an opportunity to improve their situation. The proposed cuts would strip SNAP from 3.1 million people and school lunch from 265,000 children.

Take a minute and think about the fact Republicans just cut taxes $1.2T (14%) for corporations who turned around and used that money to buy-back stock to benefit investors rather than stimulate the economy by putting more money in the hands of their workers. Rather than collect more than $2.5 Trillion in avoided taxes from those same corporations, much of which is currently being held overseas to avoid paying tax on it, the President decides to cut programs which protect and support those already struggling to get by in life and are struggling to achieve the American Dream. Instead, they will experience a new American nightmare.

Are we a nation whose priority is to take food and support away from families and children? Or are we a nation who is willing to fight for our children and families? Our hometown and our children are always worth fighting for.”

A nation that does not treat its most vulnerable compassionately is not a model other people in other nations can admire.

This latest attempt to make budget cuts on the backs of the needy and defenseless children is perverse and should be an impeachable offense in itself.

Unfortunately, cruelty to those who can not advocate for themselves is not considered a High Crime.

It should be and those who practice it should be voted out in November 2020.