Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs and members of her family have been receiving death threats from right-wing reactionary fringe malcontents because they are not happy that Arizona went for Joe Biden in the Presidential Election.

The same is the case with Brad Raffensperger, the Republican Georgia Secretary of State where Joe Biden has, in all likelihood, won that state as well.


So did election officials in Philadelphia.

Not to be outdone, the General Services Administrator in charge of officially launching the Presidential Transition Process, Emily Murphy, has apparently been receiving death threats because of her refusal to “ascertain” that Biden has won the election. Where the death threats are coming from has not been reported but it would not be surprising if some were from left-wing fringe elements that want to take matters into their own hands.

In the cases of Hobbs and Raffensperger, these lunatic right-wing elements are being encouraged by the likes of Kelli Ward, Andy Biggs, and Paul Gosar in Arizona and Kelly Loeffler, David Perdue, and Lindsey Graham in Georgia.

Donald Trump has enabled all these dangerous fantasies among the extremists on both sides with his deranged tweets and comments that have no basis in reality.

To their credit, none of these public servants have buckled to these intimidating-black shirts tactics.

Katie Hobbs issued a letter today (November 18, 2020) on social media that said:

Donald Trump or anyone that knowingly enabled this animalistic anarchical behavior should be criminally held to account if anything happens to any of these elected officials.

There was an election.

Joe Biden won by close to six million votes (the numbers are still rising) and 306 Electoral Votes.

To Mr. Trump and the Trump Zone-Fox Island-Disinfowar cultists and sycophants:

Get over it, grow up, and start acting like law-abiding human beings.

To any left-wing fringe elements that think they are helping the Biden/Harris Team with threats on Emily Murphy:

You are not. You need to go home, switch to decaf, and let the sane adults handle the situation.

This is a Republic and Democracy.

Death Threats from Fringe Malcontents on both sides of the political spectrum have no place in the United States and the Democratic Process.