Debate on Prop. 100 on KUAT

by David Safier

KUAT will air a debate on Prop. 100, the sales tax hike initiative 6:30pm this evening (Sunday).

Arguing for the proposition will be Ann-Eve Pedersen of the Arizona Education Network. Arguing against the proposition will be Farrell Quinlan, the Arizona State Director of the National Federation of Independent Businesses. Stan Reynolds, Vice Dean of the Eller College of Management, will also participate as a neutral economist.

UPDATE: Sorry, I neglected to mention the media panelists. They are Jim Nintzel from the Tucson Weekly, Linda Valdez of the Arizona Republic and Tom McNamara from KVOA-TV Channel 4.  Bill Buckmaster from Arizona Illustrated will moderate the forum.

One response to “Debate on Prop. 100 on KUAT

  1. note proposition 100 money is not to preserve education Pinal County released an article to the copper basin news vol 52 no. 15 4/14/2010 front page article titled how will continuing budget difficlties affect the county this article describes how the state department of corrections will dump prisoners from the state system to the county system un less proposition 100 passes wake up AZ this money is not for your kids its just for the the spend happy state coffers.

    VOTE NO ON 100 MAY 18