Voters deserve to hear the people that want to represent them fully convey their views and philosophies on how they will participate in governing.

Michael Muscato, the Democratic Nominee for the House Seat in Congressional District Eight wants to give the people what they want.

Apparently, Debbie Lesko, the incumbent, does not think the people are worthy of her time.

An hour long-planned debate between the Democrat and Republican House Nominees may be in jeopardy because Ms. Lesko, according to ongoing negotiations with her opponent and PBS,  only wants the event to be half an hour.

Why Debbie?

Do you not want to tell your constituents how you support Donald Trump and his budget priorities for cutting Social Security and Medicare?

Do you not want to tell the residents of CD Eight how taking away the Affordable Care Act in the middle of a Pandemic is a good thing?

Do you not want to tell the people you represent why you voted against COVID 19 relief legislation?

Do you not want to show the people in CD Eight how you will work for them?

Michael Muscato released a statement which read:

“I believe the job of Congress is to represent the people of the district, not just a political party and its leadership. Debbie Lesko should be required to prove she is more worthy of our representation than one of this district’s own native sons. She should show the voters of this district the respect we all deserve and commit to the full hour-long debate. She should have to answer questions and provide answers without a rush for time. In her time in Congress, she has hosted zero in-person, public, town halls. Prior to COVID- 19 I hosted three. I should be allowed the opportunity to show the voters they have an option who will provide guardianship, not partisanship.”

Matt Grodsky, the spokesperson of the Arizona Democratic Party, also commented:

“What is Lesko afraid of? Arizona voters deserve the opportunity to hear from both Michael Muscato and Rep. Lesko for a full hour so that they can see the differences between these two candidates for themselves. Lesko has been voting against the best interests of Arizonans for months including voting no on almost every COVID-19 relief bill. She also mischaracterized the ongoing issues with USPS as political theater. Lesko should answer for that and face off against Muscato in an hour-long debate.”

The People of CD Eight deserve a Representative that will talk and fight for them, not one who will hide and work against them.

Debbie Lesko is proving what type of Representative she is and would be again to the people of CD Eight.

So is Michael Muscato.

Hopefully, the people there see it as well.

UPDATE: Ms. Lesko, earlier this evening, has consented to an hour-long debate with Mr. Muscato on PBS.

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