Democratic Attorney General Nominee Kris Mayes Brings It With Her Speech at the Women’s March

Arizona Democratic Attorney General Nominee Kris Mayes knows how to bring it and rally the crowd with her speeches.

This is clearly evident from the remarks she made at the Women’s March Parade at Wesley Bolin Park at the State Capitol. Please click below to watch.

Among Ms. Mayes’s most noteworthy statements were:

“You know what I see when I look at you. I see victory on November 8.”

“We’re gonna win this election and you know why? We nominated awesome and they nominated crazy.”

“We’re gonna win this election because American Democracy runs through the state of Arizona in 2022 and we are going to save American Democracy.”

“Their (Lake, Hamadeh, and Trump) messages are meant to invoke fear, mistrust, and sow chaos.”

“We are on the razor’s edge. The razor’s edge of civility versus chaos. The razor’s edge of Democracy versus autocracy. The razor’s edge of sanity versus instability. The razor’s edge of women’s reproductive freedom versus forced birth. And we are not going down that road.”

“I have said and I will say again that as your next Attorney General, we will never prosecute a doctor, a pharmacist, a nurse, or a woman. NEVER! NEVER!”

“We know that this MAGA crew does not care about Arizona women and girls. We know they don’t think that women should have control over our own bodies. We know they want to chip away at other rights including gay marriage, LGBTQ rights, and voting rights. We know because they have told us. They have shown us.”

“My opponent has called himself, Kari Lake, and Mark Finchem the trio of tyranny and we should believe them.”

“Women and the men who trust them must remember. We must remember and we must vote. We must continue to fight!”

“We’ve watched in horror over the last hundred days, as child rape victims have been forced to flee their states for abortion care. As cancer patients have had to delay chemotherapy treatments. As pharmacists have had to delay prescribing life-saving medications. As women suffering from pregnancy complications have been brought to the brink of death because of these abortion bans. None of it is okay. None of it.”

“I want those same freedoms for my daughter and for all your daughters. For mothers and sisters and friends. None of this is okay. None of this is normal. It is dangerous for too many reasons but it can be changed by every single person taking advantage of your vote. To elect candidates who will protect their voting rights, their freedoms, their privacy, and bodily autonomy.”

“I have faith in my home state and its people to vote with a conscience in this important midterm election. Country over party!… Democrats, Independents, Moderate Republicans are welcome to join us. Join us and protect women and girls. Join us and let’s restore sanity and save Democracy.”