Liar in Chief, Popular Vote Loser, KKK Endorsed Candidate, and Individual One Donald Trump and Political Prince of Darkness, Enemy of the People, Obstructionist in Chief Moscow Mitch McConnell have hypercritically accused the Democrats of not governing since they have taken over the House of Representatives.

These are examples of the 400 bills the Democratically-controlled House of Representatives has passed in 2019:

  • Protecting People with Preexisting Health Conditions
  • Lowering Prescription Drugs.
  • Equality Act
  • Paycheck Fairness
  • Bipartisan and Enhanced Background Checks.
  • Banning Offshore Drilling on Atlantic, Pacific, Eastern Gulf, and ANWR Coasts.
  • Climate Action Now Act.
  • Veterans Access to Child Care Act.
  • N.A.T.O. support Act.
  • Violence Against Women Act Renewal.
  • Gold Star Family Tax Relief Act.
  • Secure American Elections.
  • Raising the Minimum Wage.

All of the Democratic Presidential Candidates are running on:

  • Promoting Opportunity for all Americans
  • Lifting people up.
  • Fighting Climate Change.
  • Social Justice, including quality and affordable health care, strong public schools from Pre K to College, and Affordable Housing.
  • Keeping the people, workplace, election system, and the country safe.
  • Equality for everyone.
  • Honest and transparent government.

These are agendas to serve all the people in this country to move the nation forward. 

What has the Republicans in the Senate, led by Political Prince of Darkness Mitch McConnell done in response to the many people-centered bills passed in the House or discussed on the campaign trail?

In a word nothing.

Moscow Mitch has built on his Obstructionist in Chief reputation by building what Democrats have called a “legislative graveyard” where the great majority of these forward-thinking bills have been buried.

What do the Republicans led by Trump and McConnell have to brag to the American People as the 2020 Elections approach? They have:

  • Passed tax cuts for the rich who do not need it and running up the nation’s debt to pay for it.
  • Locked migrant children up in cages and taken them away from their parents.
  • Undone environmental regulations that protect our waters, Earth, and air.
  • Approved Judicial nominees whose philosophies suppress women, minorities, and voter rights.
  • Betrayed the people by working to take away their health care and insurance protection.
  • Attacked the poor and most vulnerable of the American People.
  • Failed to follow through on rebuilding the nation’s infrastructure.
  • Hollowing out the various Departments (State, Energy, and Homeland Security) of the Executive Branch.
  • Warred against the mainstream, fact-based press and science.
  • Enabled a record-setting legally challenged and authoritarian loving President (see chart below) who has betrayed the Constitution and his oath of office and corrupted the Executive Branch while they appease his conspiracy-minded mentality with supporting debunked fringe theories originated in Russia.

When comparing both agendas, it is not hard to see which group is the one that will promote the current and future interests of the American People.
If people truly want to move the country forward, they have to work hard to make sure voters turn out on November 3, 2020, and select the candidates that will best serve the interests of the public.
One hint to follow. Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell are not candidates that will serve the people.
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