The political ads for Democrats this election season really are writing themselves.

The latest case in point:


The Democrats in the House of Representatives, with only 12 Republicans, passed the Affordable Insulin Now Act, which if it passed the Senate, would cap monthly insulin costs at $35.00.

Passage in the Senate, at this point, appears unlikely because of the difficulty of finding ten Republicans to end debate on the proposal.

There are however discussions of a bipartisan Senate version (with Senators Susan Collins and Jean Shaheen being the prime movers) of the same idea without having Medicare as the negotiating vehicle for the lower drug prices.

Stay tuned. Whatever helps people lower their medical costs and is a net positive should move forward in both chambers and find its way to President Biden’s desk for his signature.

In Arizona, no Republican member of the House voted to make life financially easier for people with diabetes. All the Democratic members did.

Three of Arizona’s House Democrats issued reactions to the passage of the Affordable Insulin Now Act.

Ruben Gallego posted:

Tom O’Halleran stated:

“As the costs of prescription drugs continue to skyrocket, I’ve heard from countless Arizonans who struggle to afford the insulin they need—far too many even forced to skip or cut back on doses in order to put food on the table. Today, we took action to cap these unreasonable costs for the nearly 600,000 Arizonans living with diabetes, ensuring all who need this life-saving medication, can afford it.”

Greg Stanton posted:


What is wrong with Arizona Republicans in the House of Representatives and their endless desire to harm people in distress and with incomes below six figures?

Responding to Representative David Schweikert’s vote against the Affordable Insulin Now Act, Congressional Candidate Ginger Sykes Torres wrote:

“It sickens me that someone who was elected to improve the lives of Arizonans would so willingly vote against their best interests. Insulin is a vital medication for thousands of Arizonans of all ages. Nobody in their right mind would vote against keeping prices for this precious prescription drug under control. In Congress, I won’t bow to big pharma. I will stand up for Arizonans and make sure prescription medication is accessible and affordable.”

Delina DiSanto, another Democratic candidate running to unseat Schweikert, condemned all the Arizona Republicans who voted against the bill, posting:

Democrats should remind the voters of what the members of the party of Lincoln represent every day while showcasing what they have delivered since the Biden/Harris Administration came into power and what the possibilities are if the Democrats gain seats in the House and Senate in 2022.

They should also be continually asking their opponents every day questions like:

  • Why are you against lower drug costs?
  • Why are you against voting rights?
  • Why are you against Universal Pre-K?
  • Why are you against fully funding schools?
  • Why are you against the protecting the air we breath and the water we drink.

As mentioned earlier; the talking points in the ads write themselves.