48 Hours After Polls closed in Arizona, Democrats have maintained their leads in the top four statewide offices, and Superintendent of Public Instruction Kathy Hoffman had regained a lead over Tom Horne.

The latest numbers, published on the Arizona Secretary of State site show:

  • Mark Kelly with a 115, 037 advantage over Blake Masters.
  • Katie Hobbs with a 26,979 lead over Kari Lake.
  • Adrian Fontes with a 109,244 advantage over Mark Finchem.
  • Kris Mayes with a 16,542 lead over Abe Hamdeh.
  • Kathy Hoffman with a 3,971 advantage over Tom Horne.

While this is encouraging for Democrats as well as some of the numbers in the Congressional and Legislative Races, there are still almost 600,000 votes to count. Most are from Maricopa and Pima County’s. Leaders in both County’s have said they may not be done with counting ballots until Monday at least.

It is important, as Democratic leaders said on Tuesday evening, to “be paitent” and “let Democracy do its work.”