Democrats Running in 2022 against the Dictatorship, Death, and Denial Party

While much has been written about how redistricting has gone against Democrats in Arizona and other purple states like Texas and North Carolina (to be fair, Republicans are probably not happy with the district redrawings in states like California, Illinois, and New York,) 2022 does present a great opportunity for Democratic Party Candidates at all levels of government. 


Because the Republican Party has become the political organization that supports dictatorship, death, and denial.

Over the last year, a majority of the former party of Lincoln, thanks to the influence of Donald twice David Duke endorsed, twice popular voter loser, twice impeached Trump, has accelerated its historical shift to make voting harder, submit nonsensical claims of voter fraud, and articulate a preference for authoritarian-minority-apartheid rule. They are supporting efforts to sabotage future elections by putting people on canvassing boards that think the 2020 election was stolen. They have passed laws making it harder to vote. They also want to hold vigils for the domestic terrorists who fell attacking the Nation’s Capitol on January 6, 2021. So much for the Republican claims that they are the law and order party.

Democrats should win all races based on the Republican shift to dictatorship alone. Why would anyone want to vote for the political party that wants to make it harder for you to vote or holds vigils for domestic terrorists that wanted to stage a coup at the Nation’s Capitol?

Republicans are also the party of death.

Their leaders like Doug Ducey in Arizona, Kristi Noem in South Dakota, and Ron DeSantis, have continually enabled the lunatic fringe to avoid sensible COVID 19 mitigation measures and getting the Coronavirus vaccines. Some of these governors, who did not want to pay unemployment insurance after the summer, are offering people this benefit if they refuse to get the vaccine.

This attitude has led to higher COVID surges, more hospitalizations, and fatalities than would have happened had these Republican leaders had told their fringe supporters that these vaccines were like getting one for the measles or small pox.

A good campaign slogan for Democrats would be Republican Candidates=Death.

Republicans are also the party of denial.

This is not just the denial of facts and reality which they have ably demonstrated during the Coronavirus Pandemic and Biden/Harris economic recovery these last two years at venues like Fox News, political rallies and local school board meetings.

This is the denial of needed benefits to the American People like paid family and sick leave, Universal Pre K, the extension of the Child Tax Credit, combatting hunger, and shifting to clean energy.

Not one Republican in the House of Representatives or United States Senate, including Arizonas Republican Congressional Delegation, has supported any of these sensible forward moving measures.

People should be reminded that most Republicans (despite taking credit for some of the provisions they voted against like Paul Gosar,) voted against the American Rescue Plan (the one that put shots in people’s arms and reduced child poverty by close to 50 percent,) the Bipartisan Infrastructure Plan (where Ducey is taking credit for expanding Broadband when no Arizona Republican voted for it,) and Build Back Better.

Imagine the campaign ad that says “So and So from the Republican Party is okay with Children starving and in poverty.”

Who would support a candidate that holds such repressive views?

When there are Republican candidates running for local and statewide offices, like Kari Lake, Mark Brnovich, Mark Finchem, Paul Gosar, and Andy Biggs in Arizona, that have drunk too many times from the fringe right Kool Aid, Democratic candidates in the Grand Canyon state and across the country should have no problem painting the Republican Party as the pro dictatorship, pro death, and pro denial party.

Who would want to vote for that.

Combined with crafting a pro democracy, pragmatic progressive forward looking message that appeals to Independents and Republicans in all regions (rural, urban, suburban) that feel abandoned, Democrats have a great opportunity  to frame next years elections to their advantage, beat historical trends, and win many victories in 2022.

They just need to stay on message showing what they are for, what they have accomplished (in the American Rescue Plan, Infrastructure Law, and Build Back Better) and what the Republican Party represents: Dictatorship, Death, and Denial.

That strategy should present a great opportunity for Democrats next November.