Dems to release 2010 budget proposal 10:30am Monday

by David Safier

Democratic legislators are going to release their 2010 budget proposal to the press Monday at 10:30. It will be available simultaneously to the public at (I just visited the site, and it's not up. I assume they'll have it ready in time for the unveiling.)

Rep. Steve Farley says it's a serious alternative to the Republican proposal.

0 responses to “Dems to release 2010 budget proposal 10:30am Monday

  1. My favorite part is how they think people will pre-pay property taxes for the next 5 years, especially when with the other hand they lock in property tax rates at the highest they have been in quite some time.

    This “budget” is a joke.

  2. GOP Spartan,
    TREO (not my favorite people, not liberals by any means either) made several public statements regarding this issue. According to them it’s not the high taxes that keep businesses from coming to Arizona, but the deplorable state of public education.

    ps Can anyone tell me how to spellcheck my comments?

  3. The Democratic Budget will force me to get out of my home quick plan ; will INCREASE PROPERTY TAXES!


    Bring your Torches and Pitchforks and lets get the County and City morons out on the streets!

  4. I think they need some help with the math.

    It is a commonly agreed to fact that we have a $3.3 Billion deficit for FY2010, they seem to be about a Billion short.

    Lots of tax increases in there and suspension of tax credits for schools. Boy the teachers unions have really been working hard on those guys.

    All in all another shallow attempt to ignore the obvious (we can’t sustain the current level of government) and increasing taxes so we can chase another 167,000 jobs to other states.

    Yep, just what the doctor ordered. No wonder you guys love euthanasia so much. With this budget our states economy would be dead in two years.

  5. I’m looking over it now.

    I really don’t like the idea of the Motion Picture tax credit suspension. We’re actually trying to get the city of Scottsdale to adopt the state tax credit to their tax code to get them to continue coming here. For our hotel, the revenue generated by 2 production companies have helped keep us afloat. I also don’t see it bringing in 17 million dollars. Instead I would see the production companies going elsewhere and bringing less tax revenue by way of lost income taxes & city use tax.

    We’re one of the only hotels in the area that hasn’t gone through layoffs and the movie production revenue helped with that. That along with revenue generated by the Cactus League spring training is keeping our lights on and our employees employed. People just don’t understand how badly tourism/leisure & corporate travel has dropped in the past 6 months.

    People also don’t understand how much tax money comes in from a strong hotel industry. Our combined sales tax rate is 11.92%.

    The accounting TPT credit could go away for a while without any real pain. I really don’t think any of the other items on their budget would hurt us.

    If they really want to bring in some more tax revenue, consider revising the sales tax to include more services.

  6. Well, since the Repubs have NOT truly released their plan, it will be far more detailed than anything from your party, Spartan

  7. Interesting. Will it be another one page excel spread sheet for the Dem ’09 budget?