Did anyone receive this Spanish language robocall?


by David Safier

Bill Risner emailed me about a robocall in Spanish he received November 5, the evening before the election. He says Ted Downing received the same call a few minutes earlier. Risner says he wasn't able to record the call but made notes while he listened.

The purpose of the call was clearly to confuse and intimidate Spanish-speaking voters by telling them they need to "bring all your identification documents including your drivers license in Spanish" when they went to the polls. The call claimed it was from a group protecting voting rights and said "you have every right to vote," but the false information about the need for lots of identification including a "drivers license in Spanish" is clearly deceptive.

Because Risner lives in Grijalva's district which wasn't a competitive race, he believes the purpose of the call was to suppress the vote for Carmona.

The calling number was 484-891-5646.

If anyone else received a similar call — especially if you were able to record it — please let me know in the comments section or send me an email: safier@schooltales.net. I keep all email correspondence confidential.