Did Huppenthal Call Brewer a Liar?


It’s now two weeks since I requested additional information about the aliases John Huppenthal used and the sites at which he commented. A week ago, I gave him the benefit of the doubt. Now, it seems, he may be ignoring my questions.

I’ll go out on a limb here. I think Huppenthal’s aliases went beyond Falcon9 and Thucydides. On our blog, we had one comment from a Socrates that tracked to the same location as Thucydides and Falcon9, and was made after the last Falcon9 comment and before the first Thucydides comment.

Seeing Red AZ actually referred to a Socrates1289 in a post about Huppenthal’s trolling.

Sonoran Alliance, a popular conservative blog, had a post in 2009 entitled Gould Stripped of Committee Chairmanship. Here’s “Socrates” comment to that post:

Socrates says:
December 11, 2009 at 9:54 am
There we never any real tax cuts in the budget. To suggest otherwise, is not being honest. And voting consistent with one’s expressed ideology and the will of one’s community is honorable.

Ron Gould and Pamela Gorman are true principled, honest, selfless profiles in courage. Unfortunately, we don’t see that in politics too often these days. Rather than go along with the powers that be, the special interest lobbyists and the insiders, they stand up for what they believe. They stand up for the positions upon which they were elected. And they won’t back down in the face of extreme pressure. You can lie to the voters as Burns and Brewer have done. Or you can choose honor instead. Gould and Gorman – heroes, both. Burns is an incompetent disaster.

So, does John Huppenthal believe Jan Brewer is a liar? When he was posting as Thucky here, he bristled at what he believed was my wrongful invocation of the word “liar.” So, whatever Brewer did was quite egregious in his mind. Ditto for Bob Burns, who he labeled an “incompetent disaster.”

Wonder how Brewer and Burns will feel about this? Sure hope someone asks them.


  1. Well, you have certainly made Bob’s case for the existence of unprecedented ugliness that results when Arizona’s Republican Party is controlled by nativist, racist, anti-semitic extremists. And many of these people call themselves “Christian.” Sane, fair-minded Republicans must be so disheartened that their party and has come to this.

    The good news is that you are ensuring that young people will not be Republican. So this sad chapter in Arizona’s history will end soon.

    You are a pathetic, despicable (and I’m sure miserable) human being. My only hope is that you have brought no children into this world.

  2. Seriously, Bob. Get over it.

    If Huppenthal didn’t visit your site and comment, you wouldn’t have a fucking thing to write about.

    Jews like you prove that Hitler had the right idea, but lacked ambition.

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