Dillinger Days at The Screening Room (for only 25 cents!)


Thursday   January 22nd  4:00pm  10:00pm   
Friday       January 23rd  4:00pm 10:00pm
Saturday   January 24th  4:00pm ONLY

What a 1930’s deal  — only 2 bits for a flick downtown, at 127 E. Congress Street.The Screening Room has been renovated recently, and check it out for new types of movies,including opera and Shakespeare. More at: http://screeningroomtucson.com/ (only movie theater downtown, except for Cinema La Placita which is outdoors.

And over at the historic  Hotel Congress (walk or ride your antique car just down the street and park it there at 311 E. Congress Street ). Full reanactment of the hotel’s fire that lead to the capture of notorious gangster John Dillinger & his gang on January 22, 1934 in Tucson.  Several of the gang members had been staying on the 3rd floor of the Hotel Congress (under aliases of course).  Dillinger was shot to death (at age 31)  exactly 6 months later in Chicago.


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