Discover “Discoveries Unfinished” art exhibit at TJCC


On September 11, I dropped by an art exhibit at the Tucson Jewish Community Center (TJCC), 3800 E. River Rd. to view two women artists’ paintings. I used to promote and review (somewhat) art shows while writing for the, though Artistic Tucson (aka artist Charlie Spillar) covered most of it. With time constraints, I don’t often do it here at If anything, I am an amateur photographer.

However, I was touched by the beauty and creativity of Christine Zabramny’s work — surreal, abstract, yet whimsical. The art show at TJCC goes till October 9, and  here’s her website (, with more images:

"Men are from Mars" by Christine Zabramny

“Men are from Mars” by Christine Zabramny

"Fiesta Al Fresco" by Christine Zabramny

“Fiesta Al Fresco” by Christine Zabramny

Note the interesting molded figures of the men in the “Men are from Mars” painting, and similar figures in the “Fiesta Al Fresco” painting, with the whimsical, flowing umbrellas in both. These two painting are in this TJCC exhibit (for sale), plus several more. Zabramny told me that she emigrated from Poland in 1981 with her husband and daughter. A painting of that life-changing event is also in the show.

Artist statement: “We are all far from perfect . . . yet striving to achieve an ultimate balance with nature, the world and with others.

Every time I look at blank canvas, I see a story untold, possibilities unlimited. I use reds to brighten my morning anxieties, I use yellows to calm my after-dusk blues into the friendly greens. I feel empowered to project sunrise before sunset. It just takes a few drops of color to alter what you might think is impossible.

I hope that my work could bring you joy and make you see beyond limits of the moment. An optimist by choice I’m here to make your day feel better. All is possible, and the best is in the future.”

Christine also notes on her website:

“An optimist by choice I’m here to make your day feel better.

All is possible, and the best is in the future!”

Enjoy art!

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