Do you appreciate guns? Here’s your chance to show it.


by David Safier

Screen Shot 2013-01-07 at 3.29.37 PMJanuary 19, 2003, is official Gun Appreciation Day, 2 days before Obama's inaguration. No coincidence there. The website says it's a "Chick-fil-A Style 'Gun Appreciation Day,'" but it sounds more like an attempt to reinvigorate and reshape the Tea Party around the gun fetish to reinstate the hate for Obama's second term.

The chair of the event is Larry Ward. He's the president of Political Media, Inc. and, according to his website, "burst onto the political scene in 2002 under the tutelage of world-renowned political consultant, and Fox News commentator Dick Morris." He brags about his connections to Dick Morris.

Stephen colbert gunWill this be another embarassment for the gun lobby, like Wayne LaPierre's recent appearances, or will it galvanize the anti-Obama crowd?

Gun. Appreciation. Weirdly inappropriate phrase, the kind of thing Stephen Colbert and his writers would come up with. But these people aren't kidding.