Does the leadership of I.C.E. have any decency?

According to the Washington Post, they apparently knew where the close to 700 illegal immigrants that they arrested on Wednesday, worked in Mississippi. CNN published a piece showing photographs of  I.C.E. agents at some of these facilities where the illegals worked.


Instead, they decided to arrest many of these people, the great majority of them not having committed any crime other than illegally entering the country, in front of their American citizen children while dropping them off on their first day of school.

Many of these children, school officials, and Child Protective Services were understandably hysterical and confused over how to care for the students with their parents whisked off.

Apparently, close to half of those arrested were released to go back to their children after being found to be nonviolent. They will have to appear in court and their status will have to be determined.

The question still remains why the leadership of I.C.E. thought to arrest these people while dropping their children at school was the best option to endorse.

Why not arrest these people at work? If most of them are nonviolent, why not just serve them with the court papers at their place of employment?

Why unnecessarily scar children on their first day of school by seeing their parents detained when other less traumatic options were available.

If you are going to proceed with such an operation involving schools, why not coordinate with the school districts or Child Protective Services to ensure that all the children are cared for with minimum fuss. These are American citizens and it should be the duty of I.C.E. as a law enforcement agency to ensure their safety.

People who are in the country illegally need to have their situation addressed.

Those that are productive and law-abiding members of society should be given a pathway to citizenship.

They should not remain in the shadows and their employers should not encourage them to stay there.

Others who have not followed the law should be deported.

However, the Department of Homeland Security and I.C.E. should exercise decency and prudence instead of Getastpho tactics and not arrest parents in front of their crying children and their classmates when other options are available.

What I.C.E. did to those children is not the American Way.

This country is not (despite the 2016 Popular Vote Losers hopes) an authoritarian regime and law enforcement officials like those in I.C.E. should know better.

Feature Image from The Mind Unleased.