Donald Trump Raised $46 million last quarter. So What. Democratic Candidates so far have raised over $120 Million.


Donald Trump had an impressive fundraising year in 2019.

He and his supporters raised about $46 million in the final fundraising quarter and about, depending on the source, somewhere between $400 million and half a billion dollars overall for his reelection.

Unfortunately for him, the Democratic Presidential Candidates had a better 2019.

Looking at the candidates that have reported their fourth-quarter contributions, Democrats raised over $120 million dollars. These include:

Bernie Sanders: $34.5 million

Pete Buttigieg: $24.7 million

Joe Biden: $22.7 million

Elizabeth Warren: $21.2 million

Andrew Yang: $16.5 million

Amy Klobuchar: $11.4 million

Tulsi Gabbard: $3.6 million

These figures have yet to account for the contributions from the Bennet, Bloomberg, Booker, Delaney, Steyer, and the candidates that dropped out like Julian Castro and Marianne Williamson.

Overall, Democrats and their supporters raised, according to Politico, $463 million dollars in 2019.

Money is apparently not going to be a problem for the Democrats in 2020.

Enthusiasm for defeating the 2016 Popular Vote Loser also known as the KKK Endorsed Candidate, Individual One, and the third President impeached in United States History is at a fever pitch.

For Democrats to be successful in 2020 up and down the ballot, it is essential that enthusiasm, as well as high fundraising, remains high no matter who the nominee is.

Unity and enthusiasm for Democrats are the keys to changing the direction of the country in November.

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  1. The Trump numbers do not include the billions in free airtime the mainstream media continues to give him to this day.

    What has been the value over the years of the media saying Trump “misspoke” instead of calling a lie a lie?

    What is the dollar amount for the media making front page headlines every time Biden says something stupid, while allowing Trump to repeat over and over batcrapcrazy things like windmills causing cancer?

    What has been the value of the false “presenting both sides” no matter how false the other side is?

    What is the value of GOP gerrymandering, which is happening still as I type?

    What is the value of Fox News? Of Sinclair Broadcasting? Of AM hate radio? All propaganda outlets as bad as Russia Today. What is the value of 6 corporations owning all the media in America?

    What is the value of Trump’s Twitter feed directing people to OANN, a propaganda outlet even more brazen than Fox? Or Trump reTweeting Q conspiracies?

    What is the value of Twitter/Facebook allowing political ads without any oversight, without any fact checking?

    What is the actual dollar figure of Mitch McConnell, who gives fake Christians their judges at the expense of everything they claim to stand for, to cement the base? Or for his stalling money meant to be spent fighting Russian interference in our elections?

    What is the dollar amount the appraiser would come up with for the Arizona GOP cancelling the GOP primary to help Trump?

    70,000 voters in rust belt states gave Trump the electoral college win.

    What is the dollar value of those 70,000 voters?

    Because I don’t want to just present problems and not offer solutions, how about half the Dem field drop out and start campaigning against Trump now, instead of sticking around hoping to get the VP spot or just to keep their names in the news?

    Put country over party.

    I’m thrilled that the Dems are raising money, I hope they don’t have another “basket of deplorables” moment or forget to visit Wisconsin, because it seems like those things are priceless.

    We can’t assume fundraising dollars will ensure a win.

    No one reads these long comments, but I feel better. Thanks.

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