During his State of the Union on February 4, 2020, Donald Trump, when he was not snubbing Nancy Pelosi by not shaking her hand before and after his speech, presented himself as the savior of the American Economy, halting our country’s “economic decay” and “decline.”

Whenever he could, he claimed his economic stewardship was far superior to his predecessor Barack Obama.

To quote Clint Eastwood from the movie “Sudden Impact,” Trump is a “legend in his own mind.”

His claim that he is the deliverer of America’s fortunes is just as comical as the lines he conveyed later in his speech when discussing the new trade deal with Mexico and Canada when he said: “I keep my promises and did my job” or when he said they would protect preexisting conditions.

Facts are stubborn things and people should not fall for Mr. Trumps continued misrepresentations (lies) about the economy, Mr. Obama turned over to him.

The real fact is Donald Trump should kiss Barack Obama’s butt for the Economy he left him in 2017.

People should remember that:

  • The Economy was already expanding for seven and a half years before Mr. Trump took the oath of office.
  • The Unemployment rate had already fallen below five percent and was continuing its decline to its current level when the Obamas gave the Trumps the keys to the White House. The average monthly job growth has actually declined since Mr. Trump came into office.
  • The Stock Market was climbing for several years before Mr. Trump’s election.
  • The number of medically uninsured was going down. Not anymore.
  • The number of people on food stamps and in poverty had started its decline after the recession.
  • The annual deficit was decreasing. Not anymore.

So Mr. Trump was already handed a solid economic foundation before setting foot in the White House as President.

The growth in wages would have happened if Hillary Clinton had become President.

The increase in the medically uninsured because of this administration’s health care policies, the national debt because of tax cuts the wealthy do not need and family farm bankruptcies because of an ill-advised trade war probably would not have.

The Democratic response to Mr. Trump’s address delivered by Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer (a potential rising star) solidly outlined how Democratic programs in the country have and would better build on the foundations the Obama/Biden Administration laid.

People should remember this when thinking who deserves credit for the economic performance of the country.

Do not believe Mr. Trump’s boasts (like the one that there is a Blue Collar Boom)  no matter how many times he says it.

Please click on the fact checks of the State of the Union speech by the New York Times here and National Public Radio here.

Some other final thoughts.

Mr. Trump made effective overtures to the African American Community by saluting a Tuskegee Airman celebrating his hundredth birthday and a child seeking an Opportunity Scholarship to the school of her choice. Democrats need to respond to that. No voting group should be taken for granted.

Public Schools (traditional and charter) are not government schools.

The divisive Rush Limbaugh getting the Medal of Freedom; How nauseating.