Dr. Word says: One writes “posts” on a “blog”

by David Safier

I'm not always successful at keeping my inner English teacher in check. Right now, if I don't let him out, he might do damage to some vital inner organ.

Admittedly, the emerging vocabulary of the blogosphere is still very much in flux. However . . .

What I am writing here is a "post": short, I supposed, for a "posting." I am writing it on a "blog": short for a web log. The "blog" is the whole. The "post" is the part.

When people say about something I wrote, "That was a great [or lousy] blog you wrote the other day," that's wrong. I even see bloggers write, "The blog I wrote yesterday about . . ."

No. You write "posts" on a "blog." You write on a blog, or maybe in a blog. I won't get all in your face about the proper preposition to use. But you don't write a "blog."

Thanks. I feel better now.

0 responses to “Dr. Word says: One writes “posts” on a “blog”

  1. In my opinion if you are the sole author of your blog, it is fair to say that you write a blog — but only if you are referring to the blog as a whole and not any specific posts or articles that are part of the blog.