Drinking Liberally 7/20


It’s time for Liberals to gather for the epicurian ritual of Drinking Liberally. As always, Drinking Liberally will be held at The Shanty on 9th Street at 4th Avenue downtown by the underpass. We kick off at 6pm.

This week State Representative Ted Downing will be joining us. Ted has worked hard to put a durable paper trail and automatic random sample audits into Arizona’s election law. Bring your questions and suggestions for next session.

It looks like we will be hosting Sen. Gabby Giffords, candidate for Congress in CD 8, next week (7/27). To keep updated automagically, please join our low-volume announcement listserv.

I leave you with a little overlooked treat: Stephen Colbert appearing on Conan O’Brien. The only drawback is that you have to watch a little Conan…


  1. Michael … I’m gonna steal this thread for a second (I wouldn’t do it if it wasn’t important!)

    The DNC is going to be voting on a state to be slipped between Iowa and New Hampshire in an attempt to improve the Pres Selection Process …

    The AZ Dem Party has been pushing this HARD for several months and now it seems that Arizona is a finalist from what I can gather.

    I put a diary up on DailyKos hoping to get some exposure to this nationally and would love if all the local bloggers could head over there, vote in the poll, recommend the diary, and discuss it some there!

    The link is http://www.dailykos.com/storyonly/2006/7/20/152732/904