Dupnik, remove foot from mouth. Then kick yourself.

by David Safier
Sheriff Clarence Dupnik has been the number one photo op for aspiring Democratic candidates in the area for years. Stand with Dupnik, show you believe in law and order.

Now we may not see as many candidates lining up for photos and endorsements. Dupnik's statement about checking students' immigration status, then kicking the illegals and their families out of the country was stupid and out of character. As a teacher who loved his students but had moments when I was so frustrated and furious, I might have suggested "enhanced interrogation" for a few of them, even without the "interrogation" part, I suspect Dupnik reached an "I've had enough" moment that temporarily blinded him. Those are moments when you take a time out, maybe yell and swear and stomp your feet in the presence of friends who will nod their heads and say, "I've been there, Clarence," maybe have a beer if you're so inclined. But keep your moment of temporary insanity out of the limelight. And if you've foolishly made a public statement and are called on it, don't repeat your mistake. Apologize earnestly and profusely.

But Dupnik's statement is out there, repeated by him to show he really meant it. So is an open letter condemning what he said that was published in today's Citizen and signed by a few, shall we say, notable Democrats. I'm running the whole thing here. If you don't read the entire letter, skip to the end and see who signed it. Wow!

An open letter to Sheriff Clarence Dupnik: Due to your long history
of involvement and commitment to the community, we were surprised by
your comments in the print media.

Children in schools, regardless of their immigration status, are not
the cause of our problems, nor should we publicly target them. We have
an obligation to protect those who cannot protect themselves.

It is our responsibility to ensure our children are always safe and
secure. All children are vulnerable, and we must protect them like they
are our own.

It is wrong to force teachers and school administrators to become
immigration officers. We remind you to uphold the law established by
the Supreme Court ruling, Plyer v. Doe, 457 U.S. 202 (1982).

This case established that children, though not U.S. citizens, are
considered a "person" and therefore protected under the Equal
Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment.

An additional cause of grave concern were your unsubstantiated
charges that 40 percent of Sunnyside School District students are
"illegal" and linking the South Side as the primary source of crime in
Pima County.

These false charges are inflammatory and prejudicial. Your comments
only further divide our community and debase a large part of the

The county electorate trusted you to protect and serve our
community, not to humiliate and instill fear. Every child is entitled
to an education regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation and

We urge you to apologize for your ill-advised comments and join us
in a rational and honest discussion about solving our problems together.

Richard ElÍas, chairman, Pima County Board of Supervisors

Regina Romero, Tucson vice mayor

Adelita Grijalva, Tucson Unified School District Governing Board

Eva Dong, Sunnyside School District Governing Board

Daniel Patterson, state representative, LD 29

Matt Heinz, M.D., state representative, LD 29

Linda Lopez, state senator, LD 29

Jorge Luis GarcÍa, Senate minority leader, LD 2

Olivia Cajero Bedford, state representative, LD 27

Phil Lopes, state representative, LD 27

Raúl M. Grijalva, U.S. representative, Arizona Congressional District 7

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  1. Does anyone remember Sheriff Burr. I am an old anti-war activist 1969-1972. I still remember the support your local sherrif department posters for his local houses of prostitution. Plus the fact that he was charged with over 300 felony counts by the feds.

    One of his deputies tried to shot either me or my friend in the back of the head at the Pima county jail parking lot during the police riot that occurred at the UA campus in the winter of 1971.

    Luckily he missed. But at the trial the officer who showed up as the shooter was not the same one who took the shoot.

    There were jury acquittals all around.

    I would appreciate any info that can be sent to me. Just interested in a historical sense. I was a student at UA at the time. I hope that the sheriff dept is no longer as corrupt.

  2. We might kindly point out to David that if he has a complaint against any Pima County Sheriffs Department Officer or The Pima County Sheriff himself to please refer it to the Pima County Sheriffs Internal affairs Department.

    David said the Pima County Sheriff was “Insane” not any friends of The leister family said that word about The Pima County Sheriff but we the friends of the leister family are referred to as “Kooks” for defending The Rule Of Law in Pima County Arizona that is upheld by every Lawyer in Pima County and if not please let The friends of the leister family know for we will file a State Bar Complaint against any Lawyer who does not support The Rule Of Law in Pima County and have him or her disbarred for ethics violations.

    Another so called self serving point about Dwight was that he was nominated to serve as a non Lawyer of The Arizona State Bar by a highly placed member of The Democratic Party of The State of Arizona; and Iam sure Dwight would want to talk to such a Lawyer.

    The Sheriff will not target anyone in any school David; unless they are committing crminal acts on a school campus;thus leading to the school calling in law enforcement; and then upon investigation of the criminal act if the student is found to be an illegal the Border Patrol will be called; and if found to be an illegal will be deported NOT criminally charged with any crime as an American Citizen would have been.

    As for the Democratic signatures on this defamation of the Pima County Sheriff ;we also point out every name on the list is either a family member of Raul Grijalva or and employee or past employee;the same man who called the Governor Janet Napolitano a person who gets information about border issues from an anglo saxon male who advises her about border issues ; whom is a discrace to the people of Mexico!
    Grijalva gave this speech in Yuma while talking to members of La Raza THE RACE!

    So as we now see David also has sided against not only the Pima County Sheriff but against The Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security!

  3. all is documented and verified ; you asked the question; there is not bullcrap in anything we said; you must be referring to Obama?

  4. we forgot to mention one important point; Dwight pioneered many of the so called new ideas of common ground and so called “reaching across the aisle’ way back in the 1960’s when it was unheard of.

    We will never forget Barry Goldwater calling Dwight aside and being so impressed with Dwight’s ability to get things done told Dwight” You are welcome in the Republican Party anytime!”

    Dwight being born in P.A. like Senator Spector NEVER changed parties for any political advantage; as you now see as a common occurance with Specter and Giffords; as Giffords was a Republican changing her party to Democrat to game the system and fool the voting public.

    Dwight has had many occations to change stands of issues but takes a principaled stand The First Time after using common sense , and usually in time you will find the stand’s that Dwight takes are what IS the stand that works in the final analasis; as you see with Obama today changed what he said on the campaign trail concerning Gay Marriage; Criminal Investigations about the Bush Administration ; The War in Iraq just to name a few.

  5. we have been watching and reading the posts on this blog for over 6 years.

    as for Mr. Meanie’s assertion of the media reporting about Sheriff Dupnik agreeing on enforcing The Rule of Law and it not being reported in the media; did you see Dwight’s efforts to save the sabino canyon jaguars from being shot by the Arizona Game and Fish Department; as he worked through the night the day before the shootings to have Doctors and Specialists from Colorado fax and call Janet Napolitano about the behaviors of Jaguars and to shoot them was the worst thing to do;as it would invite more Jaguars into the area?

    Defenders Of Wildlife Lawyers and Dwight worked through the night and the Governor reversed her decision and the Jaguars were medicated and transported to a safe haven in Phoenix.

    Dwight was on The Mountain Radio Station the next morning answering questions of how he was able to do what no one had been able to accomplish.

    Dwights answer ; provide the Governor with “The Facts” and let her decide.

    Was it reported in the media that Dwight worked the same way with then Gov. Janet Napolitano to again reverse her decision concerning putting troops on the border?

    This was even noted on this blog as a mystery.

    These actions were being taken before and during the time when Dwight ran for Congress in 2004 and 2006; as Dwight explained his ability to work out tough answers to highly politically charged situations ; Dwight settled them in quickly working directly with the people involved and was successful; Dwight never asked for any media attention on any of these items and the parties involved appreciated that fact; Mr. Meanie.

    Dwight and Sheriff Dupnik are basic Law Enforcement people who have spent there lives fighting “behind the scenes” working for the people of Pima County.

    Was it ever mentioned that Sheriff Dupnik upon his election in the 1970’s asked Dwight to teach him partisan politics as a newly elected sheriff and wished Dwight had won the job as Pima County Sheriff 10 years earlier because as Dupnik said it;”Dwight could have saved The Pima County Sheriffs Department years of distrust and anguish after the fall of The Sheriff Waldon V. Burr regime of whom Dwight ran against in 1968 exposing a corrupt Sheriff from his own party who was instrumental in Burrs 80 count Grand Jury inditement and resignation; plus the building of the Pima County Sheriffs Department Green Valley Substation that Dwight fought for over the objection of Sheriff Burr who told Dwight it would never be built!

    Dwight was interviewed by the Pima County Board of Supervisors and appeared on the front page of the Tucson Citizen and Arizona Daily Star as a fresh new face being considered by the board chairnman Thomas Jay who had worked with Dwight on other Democratic Party matters at the time along with Mr. Boykin.

    Dwight had just been married and promised his wife at the time to NOT enter political office and he agreed to have Mr. Boykin appointed Pima County Sheriff in his stead.

    Dwight asked for no press on this matter but remained behind the scenes working with The Pima County Democratic Party having many of good people appointed to State Government Boards by his good personal family friend Governor Raul H. Castro.

    One other event that occured in the mid 1960,s written by Steve Emerine Editor of The Green Valley News and Tucson Daily Citizen was Dwight’s invitation to Lady Bird Johnson to come to Tucson at “his Expense” to plant trees at the new interstate highway at Ajo Road and I-19; which you can see today as you drive through the area on your way to Nogales.

    This was part of Lady Bird Johnson’s Highway Beautification program.

    Dwight asked for no media but continued to work for the citizens of Pima County.

    Dwight was one of the people who under President Jimmy Carter had Secret Service clearance to stay at Dwight’s home overnight here in Tucson; and was a long time friend of Jimmy Cater and now with The Carter Center. The visit was cut short because of the energy crisis and the Iran Hostage situation, but Jimmy and Dwight remain good friends today.

    If any of you have the occation to visit the William J. Clinton Presidential Library you will find Dwight’s name engraved in a paved to the left of the entrance of the library as a “Founding Member of The Bil Clinton Presidential Library,” and a long time supporter of Bill Clinton; again non of this will appear in the media because Dwight would rather stand up for “GOOD GOVERNMENT” than have good government stand up for Dwight.

    These are only a few of the things Dwight has done for Pima County and we as supporters of The leister Family thought you should know; what Dwight will not tell you.

  6. Francine Shacter

    This is beginning to remind me of the huge kerfuffle when the ACLU defended the Ku-Klux-Klan at Skokie, Illinois!

  7. David Safier

    Apologies, AZ Blue, but I’ve removed the context of your comment by removing the nobama post you’re commenting on.

    Nobama, I wasn’t going to delete this comment until I got to the end. When you talk about threats, that’s when I hit the “delete” button.

  8. “I support Sheriff Dupnik and he and I have come to an agreement of how to handle those who break the law!”

    Dwight Leister has an agreement with Sheriff Dupnik? Any members of the media reading this want to ask Sheriff Dupnik about Leister’s assertion?

    And what the hell is this nonsense about “threatening” Dwight and his “family members for having an opinion” and that it “will be dealt with in a Court of Law if you continue!”

    You do not have any legal right to post your hateful comments on this blog. The editors have every legal right to edit content on this blog. I have told you before Dwight, spend your own money to establish your own blog site and you can write to your dark heart’s content on your own blog.