DuVal-Ducey Debate Available Online

Doug Ducey too extreme

Doug Ducey too extremeOn September 18, 2014, Democratic candidate for governor Fred DuVal, Republican candidate Doug Ducey, and Libertarian candidate Barry Hess debated in Tucson. Although it is the only Tucson debate that Ducey has agereed to, it was not aired live on TV or streamed on the Internet. (Ducey didn’t attend the September 21 debate on the UA campus, and he also has bailed on a televised debate scheduled for October 9 at Pima College West. Call him out on this using @DougDucey on Twitter. He is snubbing Tucson and local college students. This is a clear indication how Governor Ducey would treat the state’s second largest city and its citizens.)

Last Thursday’s video is now available on Arizona Public Video. Check out the debate: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GDyK1K5rsag




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