E.J. Montini: “Lawmakers end ‘civility,’ attack babies”

by David Safier

Nicely put. Let me write that Montini headline once again:

Lawmakers end ‘civility,' attack babies

Here's a little more on the matter in Montini's post, this time from Clint Bolick of the Goldwater Institute who, if I remember correctly, is against SB1070. G.I. has libertarian leanings, and that makes them less anti-immigration than the typical Arizona conservative — though, cowards that they are, G.I. remained mum during the SB1070 controversy.

Anyway, here's Bolick on the Birthright controversy:

“I'm sympathetic to the objectives of those who believe that it is unfair that people born here of illegal immigrants are automatically citizens. But if you believe in the Constitution, you have to support it whether you agree with it or disagree with it, and there is one proper way to change the Constitution. That is not through judicial fiat but through the amendment process.

"All you need to know about this provision is apparent from its language. If one thinks that illegal immigrants are not 'subject to the jurisdiction' of our laws, then it's curious that so many of them populate our jails. Obviously they are subject to our laws."

Two points worth emphasizing in what Bolick said. The 14th Amendment is the Rule of Law, something Rule-of-Law Russell Pearce claims to support. Second, conservatives scream against using the courts to legislate, except when they do it. Right now with the conservative majority Supreme Court, they're putting together legal challenges right and left.

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