“Holiday House is a donation driven event where survivors can pick out gifts for their families at no cost, while building new traditions free from abuse.

How to participate

Rather than asking for physical gifts that participants and their children can choose from in our usual Holiday House store, this year we invite you to purchase gift cards. Specifically, we request gift cards in the amount of $25 from any of the following retailers:

We’ve selected this list specifically, as we know these stores are the most accessible for our participants and have the greatest variety of goods.”
More info on how to donate to Emerge!: https://emergecenter.org/2019/10/17/holiday-house
Carolyn’s note: During the upcoming holiday season of November/December 2020, consider helping out the D.V. survivors during this pandemic. It is not at all easy for a victim to be constantly with her abuser as it must be during this health crisis and sheltering in place. Having been a victims advocate attorney for D.V. clients in the past, I well know the perils of such a situation, until the victim can leave her abuser.