Enjoy full moon open houses at Metal Arts Village

March 16, 2014 is the next lovely  Full Moon night, and the Metal Arts Village at 3230 N. Dodge Blvd. (just north of the northeast corner of Ft.Lowell Rd.) is once again opening their  studios and coffee shop (Big Moe’s Coffee Emporium) to the public.  They do this every Full Moon evening throughout the year, starting at 5 p.m. in the winter months, going to 8 p.m.  Summer hours (May to September) are 6 to 9 p.m. due to the heat.

Some of the artists offer free demonstrations, refreshments, activities (such as Beads for Courage, where you can help volunteer to string metal/plastic/ceramic beads for sick children).  There is also a lovely sculpture garden to walk around & admire the huge, creative & beautiful sculptures.  There is often a live band performing in the garden as well during these open houses.


Here’s the current list of artisans there at Metal Arts :

Art Inc. (Steve Kimble)

Beads of Courage

Madeleine Boos

Doglix Designs (Everett Grondin)

"On Fire" by Al Glann, bronze on granite base

“On Fire” by Al Glann, bronze on granite base


Al Glann (he also had a recent sculpture selected for the 2014 Sculpture Garden show at the Tucson Jewish Community Center)

Betina Fink

Aryen Hart

JoeBroDesign (Joe Brown)

Lynn Rae Howe

Maw Studio (Mark Wallis)

Ochoa Stained Glass

Prideaux Deign

Steph E Photography (Stephanie Epperson)

Info: 520.975.9792, http://www.metalartsvillage.com/

“Arizona’s Premier Collaboration of Metal Artisans in the heart of the Ft. Lowell Furniture & Arts District”


One response to “Enjoy full moon open houses at Metal Arts Village

  1. Lovely full moon at this collective of artists tonight, listening to a duo playing saxophone & keyboards in the sculpture garden, chatting with some of the artists like Arjen Hart, enjoying the refreshments (Irish soda bread for St. Patrick’s Day tomorrow). Check out the next full moon open house on April 15, tax day.