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From the Pima County public library website, for a fun MegaMania event on July 12 at PCC Downtown, 1255 N. Stone  Ave. , 2 to 6 p.m.  Here’s the extensive schedule below (and there’s also a pdf version of the schedule to download & print from their website).

Happening All Afternoon

  • Cosplay—Show off your costume or make your own. Then take your picture at the drawing wall!! Library
  • Video gaming—Open play with Injustice, Super Smash Brothers, and other favorites!! Amethyst Room
  • Tabletop gaming—Open play with classics and new favorites, hosted by Pulp Gamer. Amethyst Room
  • DC vs. Marvel giant chess—Avengers assemble! Justice League unite! Play giant chess as your favorite superhero team. Amethyst Room
  • Go on an origami safari and learn to fold your own menagerie. How many can you make? Galleria (CC building, second floor)
  • Make your own tiny ninja with the Fun Ninja Cool CraftGalleria (CC building, second floor)
  • Learn Japanese martial arts with A-Long Kung FuAmethyst Room West Patio (outside)
  • Go home with sugoi J-Pop giveaways from FreegalAtrium
  • Anime viewing—Kick back and watch some old favorites or discover new ones with R-GalaxyLibrary Learning Studio (LB 153)
  • Giant Angry Birds—Shoot life-sized irate fowl at porcine piglets. Amethyst Room South Patio (outside)
  • Blast your creativity into the future with Scratch animation software! Drop in for a ninja-quick demo and leave with samurai-level skills! Learning Studio (CC 215, second floor)
  • Kids! Deck out your superhero secret identity and make your own masks and capes!! Library

Catch It While You Can

  • Yu-Gi-Oh! tournament with Showtime Cards
    Duelists, prepare for battle!! Steel your nerves and prepare your best decks. This single-elimination tournament promises glory for our champion. Sign up starts at 2:00. Amethyst Room
  • Travel to the stars with Anime Astronomy from Portable Planetariums!!
    Crawl into an inflatable planetarium and see how the stars and constellations align with your favorite anime and manga characters! The 20-minute shows start every half-hour beginning at 2:30. Seating is limited, so grab a free ticket and reserve your spot. Library
  • Silent Library
    Can you keep quiet during the punishment challenge, or will you get shushed to death? 2:30–3:30 & 4:30–5:30 Library (LB 152)
  • Everything Cosplay And More
    Do you want to try cosplay, but don’t know where to start? Are you an experienced cosplayer looking for expert tips and tricks? The Ironwood Ridge High School Cosplay Club is on hand to answer these questions and more, just in time for the cosplay contest! 3:00–3:45 Library
  • Whose Line is it Anime?—Play the game where the rules are made up and the points don’t matter! Based on Whose Line is it Anyway but with a nerdier theme. 3:30–4:30 Quiet Study (LB 152)
  • Cosplay Contest
    Sign up starts at 4:15 and cosplay death match is at 4:30. Fabulous prizes await the victors. Certain death awaits everyone else. 4:30 Amethyst Room (Stage)

Author Workshops

Do you have a story inside you? Experts are on hand to help you get your ideas on the page. CC 255 (second floor)

  • Comics, Novels, and Stories, Oh My!
    A top-shelf panel of authors Jeffrey J. Mariotte (Star Trek: Serpents in the Garden), Marsheila Rockwell (Legacy of Wolves), and Henry Barajas (Captain Unicorn) answer all of your questions about the writing process, collaboration, and the craft of writing comics and novels (and everything in between). 2:30–3:15
  • Flights of Fantasy
    Do you write fantasy or have you always wanted to? Author Sam Sykes (Aeons’ Gate series) will teach you how to build compelling fantasy worlds that readers will love to get lost in. 3:30–4:15
  • Doing What You Love
    Think writing as a career is beyond your dreams? Author Janni Lee Simner (Bones of FaerieThief Eyes) will show you how to live what you love. 4:30–5:15

Artist Workshops

Do you draw, sketch, or doodle? Do you want to? Learn about life in two dimensions from Tucson’s finest. CC 251 (second floor)

  • DIY Dragons
    Learn to draw dragons and other wyrms with author and artist Jessica Feinberg (Dragons in the Library). 2:30–3:15
  • Print Your Own Mini-Comics
    Do you dream of self-publishing your comics or other art? Learn the tricks of DIY with author and artist Adam Yeater (One Last Day) and start publishing today! 3:30–4:15
  • 2D Fun with Flipbooks and Animation
    Do you love old-school 2D animation? Illustrator and comics artist Erika Johnston (9 loves of matilda quincy) will show you some cool tricks to making your own simple hand-drawn movie! 4:30–5:30

Japan Live!

Nihon ga sugoi! Do you love Japan? Go on beyond manga and get a peek behind the scenes at the real land of the rising sun. CC 254 (second floor)

  • Adorable Bento Boxes
    Learn a little bit about the culture behind bento boxes and techniques for creative food like rice flowers. See just how easy it is to make cute foodstuff! 2:30–3:15
  • Japanese Calligraphy
    Instructors will talk about the history of Japanese calligraphy and give instruction and tips for success with this ancient art. 3:30–4:15
  • Play Hanafuda
    Hanafuda are traditional Japanese playing cards, but also all of the games played with those cards. See a few varieties of Hanafuda, and then play games popular since the 16th century! 4:30–5:15

Artist’s Alley

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to meet local working artists and authors and learn what it takes to make it as a pro. Galleria (CC building, second floor)

  • 3:30–4:00
    Jessica Feinberg (Dragons in the Library)
    Jeff Mariotte (Star Trek: Serpents in the Garden), Marsheila Rockwell (Legacy of Wolves), and Henry Barajas (Captain Unikorn)
  • 4:30–5:00 Adam Yeater (One Last Day)
    Sam Sykes (Aeons’ Gate series)
  • 5:30–6:00 Erika Johnston (9 loves of matilda quincy)
    Janni Lee Simner (Bones of Faerie, Thief Eyes)

Don’t Forget To…

  • Visit the Bookmans booth! Don’t miss their manga and comic exchange, where you can swap and trade for a new series. While you’re there, check out the 1317 Club just for teens, and enter the free raffle to win a prize!! Atrium
  • Get your hair done to add the perfect touch to your costume or just for fun. Amethyst Room South Patio (outside).
  • Onaka ga sukimashita! Indulge your taste buds with free Japanese snacks and American-style pizzaGemstone Café.
  • Stop by the Bookbike for fun giveaway surprises! Amethyst Room South Patio (outside).


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