Equity Forum to meet Ward 3 Democratic Council candidates


Info from LSA:
“The Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona, YWCA of Southern Arizona, Living Streets Alliance, the Southwest Fair Housing Council, and L.U.P.E.Tucson (Lucha Unida de Padres y Estudiantes) invite you to meet the Ward 3 Democratic primary candidates on Saturday, August 5th from 10:30am to 12:00pm at the Donna R. Liggins Center,2160 N. 6th Avenue, for the first-ever candidate forum to focus specifically on equity.

All the primary candidates are confirmed to attend: Felicia Chew, Paul Durham and Tom Tronsdal. (There is no primary on the Republican ticket, as there is no candidate running.)

The convergence of these sponsoring organizations will offer each of the three candidates a platform to present their perspectives and ideas for how they plan to address growing concerns that Tucson voters have regarding equity. The focus will be on the impacts of access to healthy food,transportation investment, rapid development and housing affordability on: quality of life, racism, discrimination, access to economic opportunities, and balancing public safety with the need to protect vulnerable communities.

Simultaneous Spanish and ASL interpretation will be provided. The Donna R. Liggins Center is ADA accessible. Childcare will be provided onsite.
Space is limited to 150 people. Please RSVP at:
Quotes for event organizers are available by contacting Living Streets Alliance at 520-261-8777 or email colby@livingstreetsalliance.org.
The mission of Living Streets Alliance is to “promote healthy communities by empowering people to transform our streets into vibrant places for walking, bicycling, socializing, and play.” LSA is improving access for active modes of transportation in the region through outreach, education,
advocacy and research. Visit http://www.livingstreetsalliance.org/ for more info.”


  1. John Huppenthal FORGOT that the last president,O’Bama,was a Democrat and got the country out of the Great Depression a decade ago!!!

    PS:John still owes me the FREE Lunch from weeks ago!

    • I have noted racist John Huppenthal, aka “FalconNueve”, posting in espanole.

      I’ll toot my own horn here and point out that this is Pro Level Trolling you’re witnessing people, and yes, I will take a bow.

      By the way, no one is buying your story, there’s no way anyone would spend that much time cooped up in a car with you.

      • How can you tell when a liberal is dead? He quits calling you a racist.

        You have a dysfunctional city and all they can talk about is how to share the loot aka “equity”.

        No discussion at all so far as to how the real world creates wealth – by working and working hard.

        Now, they have another tax increase proposal, just as badly informed as all their other past decisions.

        When the National Research Center surveyed Tucson a few years ago, only 7% of residents rated their neighborhood an excellent place to raise a child.

        They are living proof that Democrats shouldn’t be trusted to run so much as a lemonade stand.

  2. Equity?

    I drove to Tucson today with my brother to visit my father. After the visit, we decided to do a little nostalgia tour, visiting some businesses where we used to work. I thought I couldn’t be shocked about the condition of pavement in Tucson, but it was still shocking. These are businesses just SE of Valencia and CountryClub. There had to be 100 feet of cracks and crevices for every foot of pavement. It looked doubtful that there had ever been any maintenance of that pavement whatsoever. These aren’t shoe repair businesses, many are very high tech.

    The second place we went was slightly southeast of downtown. Exact same experience.

    I got invited a Diamondbacks baseball game. This guy does super high tech spinal implants, a business that takes him to Tucson. He just started snorting about his experience driving down Speedway and the condition of pavement.

    Tucson has a population lower than it had ten years ago. I haven’t checked its jobs lately, but with a lower population, it is likely that it has fewer jobs.

    Who wants to move to a city like this?

    Pavement isn’t irrelevant. It’s a metaphor for everything.

    When you have a sharing the loot culture, who is minding the store and taking care of the common good?

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