To paraphrase the late great creator of the Twilight Zone, Rod Serling:

“There is an alternate fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man. It is a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity. It is the fringe ground of shadow, engulfing superstition, and it lies in the pit of man’s fears. This is the dimension of ignorance. It is an area which we call the Trump Zone.


Trump’s supporters are very happy to remain in the Trump Zone.

Everyone else is trying to escape.

Even before Mr. Trump became the latest recipient of the Electoral College while losing the popular vote, he peddled alternate facts like accusing Barack Obama of not being an American Citizen or the guilt of the Central Park Five after they were found not to have committed the horrific acts they were accused of.

As the nation’s leader, he, and his enablers have continued to spread well over 12,000 alternate facts (lies). These include:

  • Stating climate change is a hoax.
  • Saying the crowd size at his inaugural was larger than it actually was.
  • Contending that were good people on both sides at Charlottesville
  • Maintaining that Iran was given millions of United States dollars to sign the nuclear deal.
  • Telling supporters the wall on the Southern Border is being built.
  • Claiming that China is paying the costs of the extra tariffs in the trade war.
  • Boasting that he is responsible for the state of the economy.
  • Asserting that he fully cooperated with Robert Mueller and answering all the questions put to him during the Russia Investigation.

Now, the subject of only the fourth Presidential impeachment inquiry in United States History insists that Joe Biden and his son Hunter are corrupt and guilty of crimes because of:

  • The former Vice President’s son’s tenure on the board of a Ukraine Gas Company that faced legal scrutiny.
  • Mr. Biden’s role in getting a corrupt Pro-Putin prosecutor-general fired.

Numerous investigations from reputable news organizations have looked into these matters. All have found:

  • Hunter Biden did not do anything wrong while he was a member of this board.
  • Vice President Biden, acting on behalf of President Barack Obama (and all the other Western nations), did what everyone wanted: to help facilitate the firing of the Pro-Putin prosecutor.

Moving to the public release of the notes on the phone call between Trump and the new Ukrainian President, the contention of the President that he did nothing is breathtaking.

Furthermore, Trump enablers like Lindsey Graham, have expressed that the documents reveal nothing damning in the Presidents words.

In what realm of reality are the President, Senator Graham and those who share this interpretation of the phone conversation existing in?

In order to secure reelection and avoid a primary challenge, Senator Graham, and others like him, have become willing residents of the Trump Zone.

Fortunately, most of the people in this country prefer the dimension of light out of the shadows where imagination, knowledge, and facts are revered.

As the full impeachment inquiry proceeds, people need to pay attention to the actual facts and not the false propaganda sound bites offered by Mr. Trump and his sycophantic surrogates.

People need to stay focused and informed.

If the forces of reaction and fear are able to control the narrative through the impeachment inquiry, or worse, the 2020 election, then everyone is at risk of being trapped in the Trump Zone.

That is a risk the citizens in this country can not afford who want to get off at the next stop: The Reality Zone.