Estrogen Hour: Bewitched for Halloween


Be scared. Be bewitched. Be there:

“The Estrogen Hour, a celebration of women in comedy hosted by Nancy Stanley, returns to Laff’s on October 30. Seats reserved in advance for $12; $15 cash at door if seats available. 21+ show. Proceeds to the Arizona Chapter of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.”

October 30 (day before Halloween), 6:30 p.m. at Laff’s Comedy Cafe, 2900 E. BROADway Blvd. Tucson. (west of Country Club)

Tickets online:

Our line-up includes:  Carol Avila, Kimberley Brooke, Bethany Evans, Amber Frame, Cindell Hanson, Kathie Hedrick, Roxy Merrari, Kathryn Pichel, Linda Ray, Bridgitte Thum, Bobby Yagla along with VIRGINS Edna Meza Aguirre, Linda Seitz and Susie Gilliland Watson!  Please LIKE the Facebook page of The Estrogen Hour to stay updated on all info.

One response to “Estrogen Hour: Bewitched for Halloween

  1. Talented female show tonight w/ MC Nancy Stanley, who joked about her mid life crisis (being 61 years old), with messy hair being mistook as “homeless”, being called a “Hetero Normative” by her daughter. Veteran Kathryn Pichel also joked about dating problems today, dating homeless guys, with no papers, etc. Bridgette Thum wanted to “feel good in the moment”, bought a mood ring, wondered about “domesticating kids”, texting yourself for attention. First “virgin” Susie, a jazzercize fitness instructor informed the audience about funny statements made during exercise at her gym. Then Amber Frame (with red devil horns) talked about arriving from Boston and being told to own a Glock 19, made jokes about TV insecurities of men/women, job interviews. Roxy got food poisoned from Whole Foods, questioned young co-ed’s clothing (lack thereof) now at UA. Linda Seitz, also a “virgin”, visited her home in Columbus Ohio, found a hipster culture, but mostly joked about cheap Frontier Airlines charging for everything possible on the plane. Kathy Hedrick told “badass jokes” in a jester costume and joked again about sex with her husband mostly. “Virgin” Edna Meza Aguirre spoke of her Mexican culture, All Souls, her fat baby photo and both her parents getting lost in the car while driving. Veteran Linda Ray spoke of the trials of internet dating “Our Time” (more like “Out of Time”), being a 60 something year old empowered woman who has pumped gas for 40 years. Kimberley Brooke used sexy terms to discuss golf clubs and terms, esp. “hole in one”. Then Bethany Evans came on stage with her “startling lack of self awareness”, likened Halloween to the elections by “letting skeletons out of the closet”. Finally Cindell Hanson in a lion costume joked sadly about low teacher pay, getting more $ as a comedian, being a “29 stay at home daughter”, memories of her late mother. Nancy Stanley announced the raffle prizes at the end, and also said that The Estrogen Hour had raised over $16,000 for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.