It has been a bad week for ethically embattled Congressional District Six Representative David Schweikert (R-Scottsdale).

First, election predictors at Roll Call-Inside Elections. have downgraded his bid for reelection from Solid to Likely Republican.


The Cook Report has the race in a worse state for Schweikert, rating Congressional District Six “Lean Republican.”

Second, in a stroke of bad timing, Mr. Schweikert chose Republican troll Devin Nunes to headline a fundraiser for him just as reports surfaced of Nunes having contacts with indicted Giuliani associate Lev Parnas and for possibly participating in the disinformation campaign against Joe Biden.

Schweikert, who has been trailing the Democrats (especially Dr. Hiral Tipirneni)  in fundraising this election cycle, is still under an ethical cloud for possible campaign violations.

Commenting on Mr. Schweikert’s choice of fundraisers, Democratic Congressional District Six Candidate Dr. Hiral Tipirneni said that:

“Schweikert is so desperate to fill his campaign coffers he’s turned to an ally who’s engaged in blatant unethical behavior. Birds of a feather. Our campaign is powered by everyday people”

2018 Democratic Congressional District Six Nominee Anita Malik commented that:

“Rep. David Schweikert isn’t just under a bipartisan House ethics investigation. He’s also out of money due to legal fees.”

“He’s called in Rep. Devin Nunes to help.”

“Rep. Nunes, a vocal Trump ally and impeachment foe, may soon be facing his own investigation after an alleged meeting with a Ukrainian ex-prosecutor related to the impeachment inquiry.”

“Yet still, Rep. Nunes was in Paradise Valley this week to raise money for Rep. Schweikert.”

“I guess corruption needs company?”

“It is clear Rep. Schweikert is desperate.”

“It is clear he is worried since we dramatically closed the gap against him in 2018. And it is clear he has no regard for where or how he gets money. He is and will always be beholden to special interests.”

“We need representatives who won’t trade our office for cash and power, while actively disregarding their responsibility to our country and our district.” 

The fight to retain and expand control of the House of Representatives, as well as winning the White House and gaining power in the United States Senate, includes galvanizing the electorate in Congressional District Six to turn out and vote.

Fortunately, Representative Schweikert is doing all he can to make a Democratic victory for either of the three compelling and qualified contenders (Anita Malik, Stephanie Rimmer, and Dr. Hiral Tipirneni) and other Democrats running for other offices easier.