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By Carolyn Classen, blogger
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“Community Forum with panelists, Joe Thomas, President of Arizona Education Association, TUSD Teacher Corina T. Ontiveros, Sunnyside teacher Rene Teyechea, and Trish Muir, Chair of the Pima Area Labor Federation. This November Arizonans will be voting on a proposition called “Invest in Ed” which, when passed by voters, will put a surcharge tax on the richest Arizonans to fund public education. Arizona spends notoriously little on education and our legislature keeps showering the wealthy with tax cuts and loopholes. Arizona’s teachers, students, parents, and future employers of our children, know that money invested in educating the next generation will benefit the entire community more. We will discuss the proposition, the struggle it will take to pass it, and the impact it can have of turning out a large progressive vote.
For more information please email to SELC@webtv.net or call (520)235-0694.”
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