Laughing Liberally Tucson Comedy Showcase

Laughing Liberally started up again at Sky Bar on March 30.  They will be here at this venue on the last Sunday of every month. Stay tuned for more information from host Phil Gordon.


One response to “Laughing Liberally Tucson Comedy Showcase

  1. Very funny bunch of male comedians tonight at Sky Bar. MC Ryan Malco made fun of Hillary, Mike Huckabee, Bill O’Reilly, Air Bud commercials, Rick Santorum. Kevin Michael Lee spoke of vegan pot lucks, Winter olympics being “cold & boring”, legalizing pot, being “hung over” for LL being like a having a broken leg trying out for the Celtics. Then an hilarious debate followed between JFK (portrayed by Ben Dietzel) and Dick Nixon (by Michael Conlogue) with good voice imitations debating on gay marriage, Communists, childhood obesity, gun control, global warming. Tom Potter with guitar sang “Voter Blues”, “All the Crazy Sh-t George W Used to Say”, a song about Marco Rubio, and dirty joke blues. Then Pete Christiansen joked about “Poli-ticks” meaning “many blood suckers”, hookers/secret service, GOP candidates for President, Hillary being one of several women in the White House. Alex Kack also poked fun at the GOP Presidential candidates, including Libertarian Gary Johnson (who?) and Ben Carson. Phil Gordon sang about the 500 lb. gorilla (Cuban Marco Rubio) and questioned the audience about Arizona law vs. Sharia Law regarding abortion, polygamy, environmental recycling. Finale was Michael Celi telling “dick jokes”, Arizona laws governing 2 dildoes/household, indecent exposure, and ending with jingle songs about herpes, racism, Islam Extremism – never going away, pest control, population control. Next LL at Sky Bar on May 31st with more political debates & jokes.

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