Every Gun Has a History: Don’t Repeat It (video)

Gun Shop

Gun Shop Would you buy a gun that was used in the Sandy Hook massacre or one that was used by a small child to accidentally kill his baby brother?

Check out this powerful video that was shot secretly at a gun shop in New York City.

Here’s a link to the back story by Rachel Maddow.


  1. Bottom line –
    No individual who hasn’t faced, and doesn’t accept the destructive and deadly nature of fire arms is not qualified to possess, much less own a fire arm, and cannot possibly be a responsible gun owner.

    • Bologna! You don’t have to face the power of a firearms to appreciate it’s potential danger. You simply have to have common sense and realize it has the potential to harm if misused. It is like any potentially dangerous tool, it has to be used with caution and an awareness of what is going on around you.

  2. I used to have a bumper sticker that was along the same lines as this ad. It said: “TED KENNEDY’S CARS HAVE KILLED MORE PEOPLE THAN ALL THE GUNS IN MY CLOSET”.

    I kept it on my bumper for a few days and then took it off because, even though it was true, it was also a bit of a cheap shot. Besides, I was just preaching to the choir and not changing any minds…just like this commercial.

  3. That is one of the dumbest ads I have ever seen. It was so obviously staged, contrived and manipulated I was laughing at how clumsy it was at trying to make it’s point. And Rachel Maddow’s almost drooling glee at the discomfort it was causing gun groups was so heavy handed I honestly broke into a burst of laughter. The “panic” she was discussing were only the obvious questions to ask. Anti-2nd Amendment groups have gotten themselves in trouble in the past assuming the righteousness of their cause gave them exemptions from the law. In the past, they have been much more effective in the their efforts and I am heatened to see that ham fisted offerings like this is how they are wasting their time now.

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