Excitement in the Superbowl I didn’t expect

by David Safier

By chance, did any of you who watched the Superbowl have something unexpected come onto your television screen around the time Arizona scored its last touchdown?

I'm not going to be more specific than this. If I were, I'm afraid some of you would accuse me of making stuff up, or hallucinating.

NOTE: Apparently I wasn't hallucinating. Here's the headline on the Star's website: Tucson-area cable TV broadcast porn during Super Bowl, readers say. The story has 78 comments so far. Excuse me while I go do a little reading.

LATER NOTE: According to the Star, Comcast has created an email address for concerned viewers: comcasttucsonfeedback@gmail.com . Gmail? Doesn't Comcast have a few email addresses still available at their own @comcast.net? That seems very strange to me.

One response to “Excitement in the Superbowl I didn’t expect

  1. here is the FCC website to file a complaint.