Factual Reality vs Dark Fantasy: Arizona House Delegation Reaction to the Trump Indictments

The bombshell history-making indictment of Donald Trump for not turning over many documents labeled, confidential, classified, and top secret after his term, showing them to individuals in Florida who did not hold a security clearance,  and keeping those sensitive papers in unsecured locations like a Mar A Largo ball and bathroom, have generated mostly polar opposite reactions from Democrats and Republicans across the country.

Members of the Arizona House Delegation and Congressional Candidates are no exception.

Whereas the Democratic reaction highlights the vital reality-based themes that the legal process must pay out, no one, including a former President is not above the law, Republican comments have centered on making bogus claims of hypocrisy and double standards at the Department of Justice and F.B.I.

The Democratic reactions are based on facts, legal sensitivity, concern for national security, and reality.

Republicans are built on dark fantasy, conspiracy theories, and twisted interpretations of events.

Democratic Reaction to the Trump Indictment.

Representative and Senate Candidate Ruben Gallego posted on social media:

Representative Raul Grijalva published a release that stated:

“Our country is setting important history with this indictment: the unprecedented announcement of federal criminal charges against former president Donald Trump demonstrates that our democracy and independent judicial system are strong and will not waiver in the face of corruption and abuses of power. As the evidence reflects, Donald Trump purposefully misled federal agents and his own lawyers, ignored a federal subpoena, and tried to hide the location of highly sensitive and classified national security materials.”

“These charges are serious and include obstructing justice and violating the Espionage Act. These allegations stand in stark contrast to the classified documents discovered in the Biden and Pence residences’ and cooperated fully with federal authorities. The former president will receive the same constitutional rights as everyone else to have his case heard by a judge and jury of his peers.”

Representative Greg Stanton, in a fundraising email to supporters, wrote:

“A federal grand has indicted Donald Trump on seven counts. This is a critical moment for American democracy.

For years, Trump has acted as if he’s above the law, and he has gotten away with it for far too long. This is a reminder that no one is above the law, not even a former president. It is also a reminder that we must never give up fighting for democracy.

But this is just the beginning. We must continue to hold him accountable, and we must make sure that he never holds public office again. Donald Trump is still running for president, and he’s set his eyes on Arizona. That means my race is sure to be in MAGA Republican’s crosshairs again.

The stakes are high. If we don’t hold Trump accountable, it will send a message that democracy is not worth fighting for. It will embolden other would-be autocrats, and it will make it harder to protect our democracy in the future.”

2022 Congressional District Six Nominee and 2024 Candidate Kirsten Engel commented to Blog for Arizona:

“No one is above the law, not even former presidents.  As an attorney and former civil prosecutor, this principle is fundamental to my approach to the conduct of public officials. Trump must face the consequences of how he handled top secret documents and pay the price for any illegal act he did that put our national security at risk. Time after time, Trump has shown us who he really is, from lying to the American public to brazenly seeking to overturn the 2020 election. President Trump must be held to the same legal standards as any other American.”

Phoenix Councilwoman and Congressional District Three Candidate Laura Pastor posted on social media:

Republican Reaction to the Trump Indictment.

The Arizona House Republicans from safe Red seats wasted no time offering their MAGA support to the twice impeached, twice indicted, found liable for sexual assault, twice popular vote loser and twice KKK endorsed former occupant of the White House.

Representative Debbie Lesko posted:

Representative Lesko left out the fact that Biden has cooperated with law enforcement about turning over his classified documents. Donald Trump did not. If Mr. Trump had just cooperated with the requests to turn over the documents when requested, this legal nightmare of his own creation would not be happening.

AZ Blue Meanie has already written about Andy Biggs’s post about we are in “a war phase.” Below are some of his earlier posts where he, and others, are peddling discredited (by Trump’s Attorney General and F.B.I. Director) information about Joe and Hunter Biden to justify their claims that Trump is being persecuted.

Eli Crane echoed Biggs on the bogus allegations about President Biden.

Representative Paul Gosar accused the Biden/Harris Administration of trying to silence his main political opponent and disqualify him from running for office.

If that were true, that would be truly horrendous political strategy on President Biden’s part. Trump, with his considerable baggage accumulated over the last seven years, would be the easiest Republican Presidential nominee to best in 2024.


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  1. Trump has the most charges, the most beautiful charges, the most anyone has ever seen. No one has gotten better charges. The biggest and the best charges ever.

  2. Traitors. Vicious thugs with no respect for our laws, courts, and judiciary. They condemn themselves as traitors and thugs with their own words and actions. We will deal with them all in good order and under the laws of our nation – which obviously deeply scares these cowards.

  3. In his investigation of the January 6 insurrection one can only hope that Jack Smith uncovers enough evidence to indict Gosar & Biggs, ultimately winning felony convictions & forcing their removal from Congress into prison cells. Same for the rest of the seditious Congress critters..

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