Famous last (lost? losing?) words

by David Safier

I know the CD-8 Republican primary is over, the race has been won and lost, the die is cast. It's Kelly over Paton by a sizable margin.

But I can't resist one last, fond look back at the history of the Paton campaign, circa July, 2010.

A Star blog post by Andrea Kelly was about the Paton and Kelly's war chests. Kelly was saying, Paton may have more money than I do, but lots of it can't be spent until the general, so really, in terms of the primary, we're about even.

Scarpinato, naturally, pooh-poohed the taunt, saying Kelly's campaign was "grasping at straws" and that Kelly's numbers were an "act of 'desperation.'"

Now here's where it gets good. See if you can see the day-after irony dripping from Scarp's statement:

“The money we have is to defeat Gabrielle Giffords,” Scarpinato said. “We’re going to waste as little of our money as possible on Jesse Kelly.

The statement would be sad if it weren't so . . . so doesn't-make-me-sad-at-all.

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