Subpoena avoiding Kevin McCarthy finally has what he has always wanted since becoming part of the Republican leadership team and a member of the “Young Gun” Trio of Eric Cantor, Paul Ryan, and himself.

After 15 ballots, fourteen of them contentious, he is the Speaker of the House of Representatives.


But what will this selfish quest to become the Speaker cost the country?

In making a deal with 20 of the fringiest of the MAGA right (all election deniers; some of whom had a criminal hand in organizing the January 6 domestic terrorist attack on the Nation’s Capitol,) to get the job he coveted, the new Speaker sold his political and personal soul by making it possible for the nation to default on its debt, plague the country with needless political chaos, and plunge the American people into continual divisiveness.

One could say that what McCarthy did was make a Faustian Bargain with the extreme right to fulfill his greatest desire.

That would be an unfair statement…to Faust because at least he was smart enough to get a 24-year deal of service from the devil for his soul.

McCarthy, in his arrogance and stupidity, will be lucky, if he gets a full two-year term as Speaker with the deal he made yesterday (January 6, 2023: two years after some of these same people that coerced him cheered the terrorists trying to break into the same chamber he was just sworn in.)

Faust probably would not have made the bargain Kevin McCarthy made which started the day the California Representative made the unholy journey to MaraLargo to make nice with the twice impeached Donald Trump after telling the country the twice KKK endorsed occupant of the White House bore a share of the responsibility for the January 6, 2021 attacks.

Now the American People will have to wait and see what havoc will result from the new Speaker’s selfish bargain for power.

If history and literature are any guides, it will not be pretty.