Feb 19 City Council Meetings: Bus Fare Hike, Ronstadt Transit Center Redevelopment


by Pamela Powers Hannley

At the Feb. 19 study session and evening meeting, the Tucson City Council will consider two issues that could greatly affect bus service in our town.

During the study session, they will consider a proposal to increase bus fares. At the regular evening meeting, they will hear public comments about the proposed redevelopment of the Ronstadt Transit Center. (Proposals and background here.) In between these two meetings, the Tucson Bus Riders Union will have a rally outside of the City Council Chambers, beginning at 4 p.m. (Details and related articles below.)

Here's the information from the Bus Riders Union:

Mayor and Council will hear staff presentations and consider a new proposed Fare Policy as well as Sun Tran service changes based on last fall's Comprehensive Operational Analysis. Come on down to City Hall, 255 West Alameda Street.

The study session starts at noon; these items could come up any time but likely 2pm or later.
Find the agenda items here, with documentation in the window to the right when you click on the item:
Bus Riders Union invites all to a rally at 4 p.m. in support of LOW FARES AND GREAT BUS SERVICE for Tucson. Opportunity to become a BRU member and share refreshments to hold you over for the M&C regular meeting at 5:30, which as you know includes a public hearing on the Ronstadt Transit Center redevelopment. Documents for that one are here:

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