by David Safier

A little end-of-the-year cheer.


Fox News lost 9% of its audience in 2011. That includes losing 14% of its coveted 25-54 demo.

The Daily Show gained 7% in 2011, including all the 18-49 age groups.

The reason why Fox News feels so threatened by Jon Stewart is because his program is more popular than anything not named Bill O’Reilly on the network. Not only is Stewart popular, but he is popular with the coveted young demographics that Fox News struggles with. The average Fox News viewer is 65 years old. For years, the Fox News model of success has been powered by viewers literally aging in to watching Fox.

If you read palms, tea leaves or entrails for indications of the future, you might add television ratings as well.

This looks to be a good sign.

(h/t to Karl N. for noting the article on Facebook.)