Final Arizona General Election 2022 results posted

At long last (since the General Election was on Nov.8, 2022),  Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs has published the final unofficial election results, after nearly two weeks of counting by 15 AZ Counties of those early& provisional ballots submitted on Election Day.  Pima County also published theirs on Nov.18. Voter turnout statewide was 62.56%. 


On Federal level, AZ Congressional delegation is now: 3 Democrats and 6 Republicans, plus US Senator Mark Kelly (D) re-elected for 6 years

On State level, Republicans hold these seats:  Superintendent of Public Instruction, State Mine Inspector, Treasurer, Corporation Commission (2 seats). They retain the majority (4-1) on that 5 member Commission.

Democrats now hold these seats: Governor, Secretary of State, Attorney General. (One Dem on AZ Corporation Commission from 2020)

In the AZ Legislature for Southern Arizona in LD 17, 18, 19, 20, 21 – Dems won in LD 18, 20, 21; statewide Republicans hold 16 seats, Dems 14 in 30 member State Senate; in the 60 member House Rs hold 31 and Ds hold 29, so Arizona Legislature is still Republican controlled in both bodies.

Incumbents unseated in 2022 were — CD 2 Congressman Tom O’Halleran (D), Superintendent of Public Instruction Kathy Hoffman (D); Corporation Commissioner Sandra Kennedy (D), Pima Community College board member Demion Clinco.

Final outcome of nonpartisan TUSD Governing Board (2 open seats): Jennifer Eckstrom and Val Romero. Eckstrom is the former Mayor & Councilwoman of South Tucson, and Romero ran as an Independent against Ward 6 Councilman Steve Kozachik (D) in Nov. 2020.  He is not related to Tucson Mayor Regina Romero (D).

Is Arizona purple? In 2018 four Dems were elected statewide — Sec. of State Katie Hobbs, Superintendent of Public Instruction Kathy Hoffman, Corp. Commissioner Sandra Kennedy and US Senator Kyrsten Sinema, then joined by US Senator Mark Kelly and AZ Corp Commissioner Anna Tovar in 2020. Now in 2022 Dems hold 4 statewide offices plus both seats in the U.S. Senate.

Congratulations to new Governor-elect Katie Hobbs, Sec. of State-elect Adrian Fontes, Attorney General-elect Kris Mayes.

Stay tuned for any recounts or challenges/law suits to these General Election results.

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  1. From The Hill, “Two Arizona counties delay certification of 2022 election results”,

    Two rural Arizona counties have voted to delay certifying their ballot canvasses as some in the GOP claim voters were disenfranchised.

    Cochise County, a Republican-leaning area in the state’s southeastern corner, delayed its certification on Friday after three conspiracy theorists claimed the county’s vote-counting machines were not properly certified.

    The three [conspiracy theorists] convinced Cochise’s two Republican supervisors to delay certifying the results until a Nov. 28 deadline in a 2-1 vote.

    [In] Mohave County, which is located in Arizona’s northwestern corner, the five Republicans who comprise the Board of Supervisors delayed their certification of the county canvass in a split vote on Monday.

    “Did you hear me say many, many, many, many times that there’s never a perfect election? Never will be,” Allen Tempert, the county’s elections director, told supervisors. “Just the way — it’s just the nature of the beast, just the way things go on. … But this was a very, very, very successful election.”

    The supervisors who voted for the delay praised Tempert’s handling of the election, instead framing the decision as a political statement of solidarity after some in the GOP raised concerns about voting in Maricopa County, Arizona’s most populous jurisdiction, which includes Phoenix.

    Supervisor Hildy Angius (R) said the board had been asked to not certify the election along with multiple other counties in the state [by whom? Kari Lake?], signaling that Mohave will instead certify the results the day of the county’s deadline next week [also Nov. 28].

    “I don’t think it’s fair that we have to pay the price, that we have to go through this angst every election because of what goes on down there [Maricopa County],” Angius said at the meeting. “So whatever happens with this vote right now, I want everyone to know it has nothing to do with Mohave County, because you guys did an awesome job.”

    Supervisor Jean Bishop (R) called the move “kind of ludicrous” at the meeting.

    “We’re not Maricopa County, we’re Mohave County,” Bishop said. “Our vote is solid, our canvass is gonna be solid. Whether or not it’s today or Monday, it’s gonna be the same. We’re good.”

    Note: The automatic recount in the attorney general race will be held in December pursuant to statute.

  2. It’s absurdly shameful that a state election takes two weeks to count ballots…. Third world procedure.

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