Since Election night Nov. 8, 2016 we have been awaiting the final tally of Pima County’s early & provisional ballots for these 2 close races:

LD 10 House (two seats, one open):


Todd Clodfelter (R)   45,627

Kirsten Engel (D)  45,530

Stefanie Mach (D), incumbent  44,770

Incumbent Rep. Mach has apparently lost, after serving 2 terms in the Arizona House.  This was Clodfelter’s 3rd try for this same seat in LD 10.

TUSD Governing Board  (3 seats, nonpartisan, unpaid):

Mark Stegeman, incumbent   57,466

Kristel Foster, incumbent  54,352

Rachael Sedgwick  50,205

Betts Putnam-Hidalgo  49,519

Brett Rustand  47,683

Cam Juarez, incumbent 47,444

Lori Riegel  41,734

Incumbent Juarez has also apparently lost his bid, served for 1 term (4 years). Political newcomer (former teacher/3rd year law student) Rachael Sedgwick will be joining Prof. Mark Stegeman, Kristel Foster and current President Adelita Grijalva and Michael Hicks on the board.

Other upsets in the 2016 General Election in Pima County:

Republican LD 2 House  Rep. Chris Ackerley (1 term) losing to Democrat Daniel Hernandez Jr. (former Sunnyside School Bd. member);

Democratic Pima County Sheriff Chris Nanos (appointed July 2015) lost to Republican Mark Napier;

PCC Board member Martha Durkin (appointed Sept. 2015) lost to Luis Gonzales, a former State Senator, in District 5.

And if you’re curious about the processing of these provisional ballots (18,244), here’s the Pima County Elections website link, from Nov. 14 to 18:

This is a tedious process to verify signatures and process these ballots. Other states have clear cut off dates for early ballots and do not issue provisional ballots on election day.