First Lady Dr. Jill Biden Wows Educators in Phoenix

Picture by David Gordon

In a room filled with Arizona Education Association (A.E.A.) Union Members and supporters for an Educators for Biden/Harris event at the Renaissance Hotel in Central Phoenix, First Lady Dr. Jill Biden wowed the audience as she made the case for a second Biden/Harris Term.

After the crowd was warmed up by stirring introductory speeches from A.E.A. Leader Marisol Garcia, National Education Association (N.E.A.) President Becky Pringle (who really brought it with her remarks,) and Isaac Kindergarten Instructor Andrea Valencia, the First Lady came to the podium, receiving a standing ovation from the audience.

Telling the attendees that her husband, Joe Biden “fights for educators every day in the White House,” Dr. Biden told the gathered educators that teaching is “a calling and each of you has answered that call,” and “you deserve a President who recognizes your service.”

She then, like Pringle before her, described how her husband was “the best education President” with his policies promoting:

  • Higher Teacher Pay.
  • Supporting Teacher Unions.
  • Investing in mental health programs.
  • Safely opening the schools back after the height of the Coronavirus.
  • Investing in apprenticeship and dual credit programs.
  • Cancelling billions in student loan debt.

Saying “President Biden respects us” and “wakes up every morning thinking about how to make the lives of Americans better,” and how “he will never stop fighting for us,” the First Lady drew a sharp contrast to her husband’s predecessor and 2024 opponent, stating that Mr. Trump only cares about one person at all times: “himself.”

She also attacked Trump’s and his allies on the MAGA right in Arizona and across the Nation who would tax billionaires less than teachers, shift public monies to vouchers, censor lesson plans (like history ones) and ban books.

The First Lady brought the crowd to its feet when she said. “This is America. We don’t ban books.”

Telling the audience that a reelected Donald Trump would bring nothing but “chaos and division,” and the end of public education as currently comprised, Dr. Biden called the audience to action, saying “You have the power to determine which direction this country takes,” “We have to meet this moment…to work to vote for the America that you believe in and… re-elect my husband President Biden and Vice President Harris…and change the world.”

Reaction from Arizona State Representatives Jennifer Pawlik and Judy Schwiebert.

Members of the Arizona State Legislature Education Caucus Attended this evenings event.

Commenting on the First Lady’s remarks, Legislative District (LD) 13 Representative Jennifer Pawlik stated:

“Oh my goodness to have the the first lady who was a teacher; her words were so inspiring. I cried a little bit.”

LD Two State Representative and Senate Candidate Judy Schwiebert offered:

“I am so inspired by a President who prioritizes public education? I can’t even consider the alternative like Mr. Trump.”

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