Fontes Campaign Reacts to the Court Putting Mark Finchem In His Place

Mark Finchem is getting stomped on again by the courts.

Earlier today, Maricopa County Judge Melissa Iyer Julian rebuked January 6, 2021, Insurrectionist- MAGA attendee, former legislator, and 2022 Secretary of State candidate for wasting the courts time by not providing actual evidence of fraud and criminal behavior from the 2022 elections.

The judge also declared that the Finchem campaign owes Katie Hobbs (as former Secretary of State) and the Adrian Fontes for Secretary of State campaign the legal fees they incurred for having to waste their time (and billable hours) going through these proceedings.

Commenting for the Adrian Fontes for Secretary of State Campaign, spokesperson Tony Moya relayed:

“Mr. Finchem and bad actors like him cannot be permitted to avoid accountability. He continues to grift off of his broken political agenda using fraudulent schemes that take advantage of Arizonans. His repeated lies, apparent campaign finance violations, and bad-faith legal efforts are a drain on Arizona taxpayers and a stain on our state’s image. Anything less than holding Mr. Finchem fully accountable will reward him for his misconduct and embolden others to act similarly in the future. That precedent, and a judicial system tasked with dispensing justice in our democracy, cannot co-exist. We appreciate the efforts of legal representatives who are working to hold Mr. Finchem to account.”

Unfortunately for Hobbs, Fontes, and all Arizonans, Finchem is probably not going to go home and fade away.

Expect this circus to continue as long as Finchem and his surrogates can pervert the legal system to present their charlatan cause to higher courts.

How sad for the Arizona Body Politic.