The CNN town hall with the 45th occupant of the Oval Office was admittingly an event that could have been better managed and organized.

For one, it could have had an audience of both MAGA supporters and opponents.

Second, while the host, Kaitlan Collins, did do a good job in trying to counter the twice impeached, twice KKK endorsed, twice popular vote loser, and twice indicted former Mad King’s numerous (surprise, surprise) falsehoods, the event may have been better served with one or more journalists to put the charlatan more on the defensive.

The one positive outcome of the event was that it reminded those people who normally do not follow politics about how bad Mr. Trump and his four-year term were for the country.

Thanks to the Lincoln Project in their ad, “Wrongump,” viewers can see some of the more outrageous comments from that CNN town hall event.

Among the most telling remarks:

When asked why he should get a second four years in the White House, Mr. Trump said “Because we did fantastically.”

In Trumpword, his handling of the COVID pandemic was done well.

He still called the 2020 election rigged.

On former Vice President Mike Pence saying that Mr. Trump’s actions endangered his life on January 6, 2021, when the MAGA Domestic Terrorists stormed the Nation’s Capitol and he owed him an apology,  the Mad King replied:

“He wasn’t in any danger…No (in reference to the apology,) because he did something wrong.”

On E. Jean Carrol and her civil suit win over him for sexual assault, he said he did not meet her and met her once, saying (again he did not know her) that she named her cat “vagina.”

He justified his Access Hollywood comments by saying “Women let you” instead of just “you grab.”

In one of his few true statements of the evening, he relayed that the Republicans should let the United States should default on its debt with President Biden in the White House if he does not agree to their spending cuts but they should not do it if he was in the Oval Office.

Two other domestic policy lies he uttered was he falsely claimed he finished the border wall and secured the biggest tax cut in American History.

On Ukraine, he said it never would have happened if he had been President, and if he gets back in the White House, he would have it settled within 24 hours. This is coming from the person who said Mexico would pay for the wall.

He also maintained that he had the right to take away all those classified documents at the end of his term to Mara Largo and he also had the authority to show them to anyone.

He also called Kaitlan Collins “Kelly” at the end of the event.  If President Biden had done that, they would be saying he was senile and incapable of serving another four-year term.

To all those people who are somehow forgetful and thinking that perhaps the 45th occupant of the Oval Office deserves a second chance, remember the lies, remember the comments and abuse of women, remember the impeachments, remember the COVID pandemic and remember January 6, 2021.

Kaitlin Collins in that town hall and the Lincoln Project in this ad did a great job reminding the people that this pig is unfit to serve as President again.

To all those middle-of-the-road voters out there, remember and do not forget.