Forward Thinking Superintendent Kathy Hoffman is Meeting the People and Receiving the Endorsement of Retired Local School Leaders

Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction Kathy Hoffman has been tirelessly working to reach out to the people across the state in both her capacity as the State Superintendent and as the Democratic Nominee for reelection to her current office.

As previously reported on Blog for Arizona, the Superintendent has journeyed the state in her continuing endeavor to hear both the great news and areas of concern from Arizona’s children, parents, and educators so she could better help them in this and her next term in office.

Furthermore, she has spent weekends and holidays canvassing with other pro-public education candidates to reach out to voters and explain her views and how she would lead the Arizona Department of Education should she get reelected on November 8, 2022.

She has also earned the praise of the Editorial Board of the Arizona Republic who favorably cited her for her forward-thinking in steering public education as opposed to the back-to-turn-the-clock-backward sentiments of her opponent, Tom Horne.

The piece also correctly pointed out Mr. Horne’s character lapses in trying to sew division/fear on issues related to diversity and his embrace of convicted sex offender David Stringer.

These recent events coupled with Superintendent Hoffman’s strong job performance, especially during the Coronavirus (especially in the face of a large science-denying fringe element that has been enabled by conservative political opportunists like Mr. Horne and Doug Ducey,) have resulted in her endorsement from a dozen retired local school superintendents including ones from Mesa, Kingman, and Casa Grande Elementary.

The Superintendent thanked the former local school leaders in the below social post earlier today.

Superintendent Hoffman issued another post today, reminding voters to submit their mail-in ballots by November 1, 2022, and to remember to vote up and down the ballot including for school board candidates and to support school budget/bond overrides. She also asked voters to support Proposition 308 which will help dreamers pay to instate tuition at Arizona colleges and universities.

Voters should choose the candidate that will move education forward rather than turn the clock backward. Kathy Hoffman is that voice of tomorrow that will chart the course of Arizona schools forward for all children while her opponent is the sound of yesterday and division.

Voters will hopefully remember that when casting their ballots by November 8, 2022.