Frank talk on Weaponized Narratives at Joel D. Valdez main library

Weaponized Narrative: Information Warfare as the New Battlespace
Saturday, March 17, 2018 (2:00PM – 3:30PM)
Joel D Valdez Main Library, 101 N. Stone Ave. Tucson


Join us for a FRANK Talk about information warfare.

“Weaponized narrative is the latest term for information warfare, focusing specifically on the role of new media in shaping opinion. Weaponized narratives attack the shared beliefs and values of a person or society, and undercut culture and resiliency. Instead of using actual bombs and bullets, adversaries use tactics such as deceptive information initiatives to attack identity, manipulate narratives/stories, and manufacture emotional and psychological warfare. What are the effects on our psychology and behavior? How do we begin to understand the role of information warfare in social media, news, and marketing? Can weaponized narratives cause social polarization as destructive as actual war?

Join us for this timely FRANK Talk to discuss the impact of information warfare on civic engagement and our democratic institutions.”

This community conversation is facilitated by Dr. Braden Allenby, Arizona State University, President’s Professor of Civil, Environmental, and Sustainable Engineering, and Lincoln Professor of Engineering and Ethics

FRANK Talks are sponsored by Arizona Humanities.

Carolyn’s note:  Don’t know much about “weaponized narrative” as it is a new term in the social media, but this is the time to find out more about this insidious means of media manipulation.  We bloggers need to be aware of such tactics. Remember back in college when we learned about Marshall McLuhan’s The Medium is the Message?


  1. 10 people at this Frank talk this afternoon with the discussion being lead off with a definition (of sorts) of “weaponized narrative” being stories created that subvert others’ reality by exacerbating complexity, creating confusion and political/social schisms. Dr. Allenby said that Russians designed to suppress US vote in Nov. 2016 election by 1) destroying media 2) destroying faith in government & its institutions and 3) financial corruption. He said we are at cyberwar with Russia and China, with the current technology shift, to affect behavorial economics with misinformation. Live ly discussion about what is the future of America, with this “broad assault” against our society and the fact that 65% of Americans get info from social media (which is relatively unregulated with free speech concerns). Most of us left the discussion a bit depressed. Can the US lifestyle be saved? Dr. Allenby did admit (to my question) that the Nov. 2016 Presidential election “conceivably” could have been hacked by the Russians. Do we have a “Manchurian Candidate” in the White House? The Mueller investigations may reveal all.

  2. This Frank talk today at the main library in downtown Tucson, 101 N. Stone Ave. Free parking in the library garage (underground off Alameda St.) or on the streets.

  3. Thanks for getting the word out. It should be a very interesting conversation. Parking is free on Saturdays!

    • Yes, the topic is very current and fascinating. Glad you mentioned the free parking in the library’s garage and on the street. My husband and I both have busy schedules tomorrow morning, but we hope to attend…

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