From John Huppenthal


by David Safier

A Howard Fischer article posted within the hour talks about our Education Superintendent's attitudes toward guns.

As a legislator, Huppenthal voted repeatedly to expand the number of places where individuals can carry weapons.

That includes both bars as well as college and university campuses. The first measure became law; the second one has not — at least not yet.

But Huppenthal would not say whether he believes, as some legislators have suggested, that staff at public schools should also be permitted to carry weapons to be ready for this kind of situation.

"Those kind of discussions are inappropriate at this time,'' Huppenthal said.



  1. OHS. I had forgotten that now in arizona people of questionable mental stability can carry unconcealed multi-magazine automatic weapons while becoming intoxicated in a bar. Wow, does that make me feel safe. Rights, anyone?

  2. Pardon me, but your logic is completely full of shit.

    Do you think that when the gunman came into the kindergarten teacher’s classroom and started unloading 100 rounds with his semi-automatic weapon that she had the opportunity to get a weapon from a cabinet and start firing back? Give me a break. When he walked in and started shooting, she was probably busy teaching her 20 five and six year olds how to read and write. She didn’t have a chance to do anything that could have saved a single child or herself.

  3. Huppenthal is a disgrace. Fischer’s article opens with this:

    “The state’s top education official said Friday it’s up to parents — and not his agency — to ensure that local schools have threat-assessment and violence prevention programs to avoid shootings like the one in Connecticut.”

    He also supported guns on college campuses.

  4. Over the last decade crime is down hugely in Arizona. Allowing people to defend themselves has been a big part of reducing violence.

  5. Please, dear bloggers and others in the media, don’t engage the RW crazies and NRA/ALEC water-carriers. They would love nothing more than to be thrust into the spotlight at this moment. If Congress finally decides to take action, any and all gutless Dems will be hearing from me, however.