Fukushima fesses up

by David Safier

Two years after a tsunami knocked out the Fukushima power plant, you would hope the damage would have been contained. But the only thing that's been contained is the flow of information about the instability of the reactor site and the continuing damage to the environment.

Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO) has finally admitted what scientists have known and reported. Radioactive water is leaking from the plan into the sea. Oh, and

. . . the number of plant workers with thyroid radiation exposures exceeding threshold levels for increased cancer risks was 10 times what it said released earlier.

The company spokesman actually hasn't said for certain there are leaks into the  sea, even though the radiation levels in the water have risen. He issued this half apology.

"We are very sorry for causing concerns. We have made efforts not to cause any leak to the outside, but we might have failed to do so."

"Causing concerns." "Have made efforts." "We might have failed." I guess you can't say the situation is beyond your control and may get worse before it gets better, can you?

Two years after the tsunami, the reactor is being held together by chewing gum and bailing wire. It's an exposed pile of dynamite waiting for a spark to set it off. The disaster at Fukushima, as horrific as it was, is only part of the story. The story now is the inability to stabilize the plant. It looks like the problem isn't ineptitude, though that might be a contributing factor. The problem is, the damage was so severe and the site is so contaminated, it's virtually impossible to complete the necessary repairs.

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